Thursday, 31 October 2019

Waiting come in for I have news to share
Though right now we are still waiting
And I fear we shall be waiting a few more weeks yet.
I have not dared utter these words to you before
For fear of jinxing the whole thing
Let me begin
It was a Henry’s first birthday 
He was with Grandma in the afternoon
As Mummy had a scan appointment 
Birthday tea all arranged for here too.
His Mummy and Daddy returned from said appointment 
All smiles
And then...
Mummy looks at her phone
For it has alerted her
To the fact that the cottage adjoining us
Has just gone on the market.
This is the neighbour who was constantly saying
’I want to sell’
But when asked if it was for real
Backed down.
So at 20 weeks pregnant
And with no current plans to sell their home
They put their house on the market.
To cut a long story short
Hopefully their end of a very short chain will be complete early November 
And the other end shouldn’t theoretically be far behind.
We have no clue as to whether they will be settled in before Christmas 
The important thing is that it happens sometime.
I have been so nervous about it so have not posted before
In fact until today I haven’t even opened Blogger
I just couldn’t 
By the way I have more news to share
But that will have to wait for next time
Though I’m bursting to tell you
I really want to read your lovely blogs
That I have neglected for some weeks.
Go careful on those broomsticks!
Blessings J. x