Sunday, 23 September 2018

Becoming A Grandma

It has happened 
Actually it happened on Thursday 
A beautiful baby boy 
His parents have named him Henry
I love him more than words can express
I am a Grandma
Life here is hectic 
Supporting the new parents 
And trying to keep up with regular chores
As well as the usual work
Our broadband stopped working
After being poorly for several weeks
Now after much tooing and froing 
Openreach have put a .5 MB limit on the line
I cannot even attempt to upload a photo
Autumn is upon us
Tossing our washing high in the air
Ripping it from the line
Rain...what rain we have had
And some sunshine also
Leaves have been scattered
Nuts and acorns have fallen from the trees
The wheel continues to turn
Mabon blessings everyone
J. x

Friday, 7 September 2018

A Little Help

I have a small favour to ask
Good folks
Could any of you please point me in the right direction
It's like this
I should very much like to add some photos
To the right hand side-bar of my blog
To make it kind of pretty
I have googled
And bamboozled myself
Surely it can't be that difficult to do?
Any help would be much appreciated
It has been hectic around here this past week
Of course the weather cheered right up
On the very day the local children went back to school
There is a mighty fine cold wind now though
We are beginning to think about logs
And how we really should have done some by now
We are not completely bereft
But logs need to season before using
Another cold Winter would see us struggling to find enough thoroughly dry logs
It is a waste to burn damp wood
And the chimney would not thank us either
I am trying to get used to blogging on blogger
I have much to learn
I have just uploaded some pictures
Thinking they would be uploaded to my Google 
Instead they are here

Cheese scones

Victoria sandwich

Bara Brith

Hydrangeas I plan to dry

And finally some of the smaller sunflowers and bits from the garden

Totally random I know.

Enjoy your weekend!
Blessings J. x

Saturday, 1 September 2018


Do you ever long to walk past houses in the dim light of dusk
And just sneak a passing glimpse of other lives
Through undrawn curtains
I especially love to see houses in their festive finery
Don't get me wrong
I never stare in through windows
But if you're driving or walking by you cannot help but catch feint images
A lamp in a window
A vase of flowers
A lit festive tree
For me these are so much nicer than the sometimes overdone decorating with all the flashing of lights
My husband however adores all the flashing of lights
I am much more of a gentle twinkle person.
So why am I even allowing these thoughts to enter my head on such a day as today...
Well it's the first day of September
The year is rolling quickly down it's Autumunal hill now
Thoughts of hunkering down during the darker months have risen to the surface of my mind.
There are jars of chutney sitting on a shelf in our pantry cupboard
There are bags of sliced beans waiting in the freezer
Either for the next batches of chutney or to eat as a vegetable when the plants have succumbed to the cold and wind and have stopped producing

The most giant sunflower we have is standing at over 13' tall
It is in truth more like a tree

I kid you not!

It currently has one open flower

The much more usual sized vegetables and the feisty three legged cat who is in temporary residence.

I will leave you to dream of oversized sunflowers and feisty three legged felines!

Blessings J. x