Sunday, 21 November 2021

Hubbys Idea of a Joke

Son's partner has been a little concerned that by Christmas the only inside toilet would be the one in our bedroom...Hubby decided to set up this for fun and send the picture...

Such a well meaning bloke!

Meanwhile I managed a good old bake-up for the week ahead...the roll dough was left past it's beep time in the bread machine...


Not quite as spetacular as in The Good Life, but still...

The first batch of mince pies...hopped straight in the freezer and will be cooked as and when we need them...


Everything else is hiding in cinnamon and sultana cake, date flapjack, and toffee squares. I've warned hubby that it's an either or, not an and and and selection process, as due to a busy week all the cooking has been done in one go! What he was allowed to feast on were a few lemon curd tarts, made up with the leftover pastry.

So today it's roast beef for lunch with the two local children and their extras, then a quieter afternoon for a change on a Sunday. I usually roast in the evening by which time the Grandsons are apt to be past it and grouchy.

If the weather perks up I really must try to hobble down the lane for a back is suffering with twisting whilst decorating and I haven't been making time to get out and walk.

Blessings J. x

Friday, 19 November 2021

Little by Little

That's right...little by little our home is coming back together...and hopefully our lives will follow suit...I'm sure hubby was enjoying one of the last bits of destruction he had to perform a couple of evenings ago just A BIT TOO MUCH! He admits that for him the knocking down is the most satisfying I think the painting is my favourite. Rather a lot has to happen between the destruction and painting though.

Not much has happened in the kitchen except...

 ...the other plate rack is up! Oh and the rest of the handles arrived and were put on the cupboards.

And I have begun to put some colour on the living room walls...




We're in for one cosy Winter hopefully!

Blessings J. x

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Beginning To Bloom

I feel our home is beginning to bloom again...though much is left to do including more plaster boarding. The kitchen is now a working kitchen, with our future dining table in it until the dining room gets finished. Hubby has worked tirelessly...though sometimes rather bad temperedly!

The first plate rack is up and in use. It doesn't hold as many mugs as I should have liked, but you know will do!

We don't yet have all the drawer handles, so that is a little awkward, but hubby has drilled all the holes in readiness. We heaved downstairs a small dresser as well today. More storage. We chose to have no top cupboards, but will have some open shelving plus eventually our massive pantry cupboard, which started life as a wardrobe many years ago.

Our halloween decorations are still in the attic somewhere, so this was as spooky as it got for us this year.

I've been struggling with a hanger on of a chesty cold for all of October, and yesterday began taking some antibiotics. Nasty green ones that make me feel really nauseous. The building dust is probably partly to blame, but now I just really want it GONE!

Blessings J. x

Friday, 15 October 2021


 Paint...more paint...please rinse the brushes and repeat...however look at what we've achieved so far...

Getting there in the bedroom with green...hubby is making built in wardrobes where the fawn is...

Here is a little of the bathroom. A black dado rail will separate the colours...

Some sunny yellow in the kitchen...a little more yellow than I was expecting actually...

So this week our kitchen was due to be delivered...well that didn't happen, however this gives us a little more time to finish the painting. It should be here next week.
The downstairs windows returned...even the bowed, glass scratched one. Couldn't make it up really. The top part will be replaced.
It is all coming together...with lots of hard work still to do.

Blessings J. x

Friday, 8 October 2021

Autumn Storms

I'd like write that Autumn storms have been battering us for days...however on climbing into bed beside hubby last night with a hot water bottle, we both came to the conclusion that it could easily have been a December evening. It has been dark for much of the last few days and showers seemingly having no ending. Today we were promised something a bit better, however earlier we had more of the same wet weather, though the wind appears to have calmed down considerably.

We have two builders on the job today, the same as yesterday. They have been plastering our new kitchen. Hopefully the kitchen is arriving to us next week. A sense of urgency has descended upon our household. 

I have been suffering with a cold for the last few weeks...I'm sure so much mask wearing is recycling the germs back to me...anyway on Friday I had a low body temperature and felt all achey. The doctor doing our Covid booster jabs said as long as I didn't have a temperature it would be OK to proceed. Well over the weekend I did develop a high temperature, and continued to ache. Still today I have dosed myself with Ibuprofen. This thing just keeps giving. Yes I did a PCR on Friday which came back negative on Saturday.

Our new bedroom is now fully ready to paint. However hubby would like to get the end walls of the cottages painted as a priority as soon as it becomes dry. I'm thinking the dark green paint I have chosen for our room is going to come a a surprise to him!

Well the days once more vanished in a haze of dust. It is now Friday. I am still holding onto my germs. Kitty is as usual on my lap. Wilbur likes to lie on the back of the sofa and reach out a paw to touch my shoulder.

Youngest is coming to help paint the ceilings later. Such a good daughter! Even though young Henry has been asking for a cousin.!! Hopefully soon I shall be able to share some photos. Don't feel that inspired to post pictures of dust everywhere!

Blessings J. x














Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Conversation With A Daddy Longlegs

Never thought it would happen, but it just has. I have had a conversation...albeit one sided with a daddy longlegs. It came about as I was painting our ensuite toilet ceiling just now. The tiny body had taken up residence in one of the corners. Normally I would have swept it down without a second thought, however there were several fly like creatures annoyingly pitching on the ceiling where I wanted to paint. I didn't have the heart to cast him aside. It is very cold up there as we are open to the elements. The poor thing is just trying to catch his next meal. I jiggled the brush around near to him and he wisely decided to descend the wall. It is so cold here right now that Wilbur sat on the Aga this morning. Yep that cold! I have rung...again...about our windows. Apparently the person at the window manufacture dealing with them is not answering his calls or emails at the moment. Pester power here we come! I have also rung again to ask where our slates are...they were due in August. Sadly no one knows an exact date for them either. It could be a very cold Autumn/Winter for us I fear. Water has been entering down the unprotected roof ridge and when we lit the woodburner the other evening the stone started to sweat it out. Glam living here right now!!

Just spoken to a very 'happy' hubby...he is at long last sorting out some boarding for the window openings...the weather is beyond silage sheet now. I have lit the woodburner, and the sun has just decided to rather shyly show it's face. 


Both Kitty and Wilbur have found warm blankets to settle on. How I adore these two monkeys. Granted they have scratched some of our wood in places, however the love they show us far outweighs the damage their claws have inflicted...for now anyway!

I am doubting my sanity having agreed to yet another shift at work this afternoon. I keep telling myself we need the money right now, and it's true we do. However after today I really won't be going in until Monday...except for my Covid booster on Friday.

Rather too open plan to be a kitchen right now. Nothing a lick of paint won't cure though...oh and some windows...and plasterboard and plaster. Apparently two of our builders are on their way...thank goodness...we didn't have anyone last week and hardly anyone the week before. A bit like pulling teeth really as the build is held up by the missing vital components. All shall be well in the end though.

Blessings J. x

Friday, 24 September 2021

A Return

Some days I have really doubted that I should return to writing on this space. Life seems so removed from what it once was. Chaos reigns, and if you're at all precious about your clothing our cottage really is not the place to be. We have suffered one or two setbacks during the build. Firstly as soon as they removed the roof the weather changed and we were bombarded with storms. Rain entered the house in many ways, leaving it's mark in each place. We also have had a nightmare scenario with our windows. Seven windows were installed in the two cottages...each and every one was damaged...I kid you not. But worse was to come. When the boss arrived to take a look he realised that our upstairs ones were not building regulations compliant...I had queried this with them previously and was told they couldn't see anything to worry about. Well there has been plenty to worry about since! We have silage sheet draped at each opening...the weather is getting chillier, and my mood also!

So far our ensuite toilet has been plastered along with the bathroom. I have just about finished painting said bathroom, and today have wash coated the toilet. I had been holding off hoping that this week would see our bedroom getting plastered, but no such luck.

The roof still needs some attention. There has been a delay in the arrival of the slates. Humph!

That being said, hubby and son in law have worked each evening at various tasks, electrics, plumbing, and generally taking down ceilings and drilling holes everywhere.

I'm over this though...unless it is a build that I don't have to live in we will never be repeating this experience thank you. I mean....what woman would stand for trying to cook a roast beef tea whilst her husband drilled a hole through the ceiling right above the Aga?! 

I know that one day we quite likely will look back on this time and smile...thinking how and why did we do it all. Today is not that time though! I am struggling with the darkness brought about from having the black silage sheets up where windows should be. 

I never thought it would be possible to lose track of the number of parcels we have waiting to come...really though it is rather easy to. The toilet, basin, lights, more lights, radiators, towel rail, shower tray and many others have landed here one way and another lately.

Life is far from all doom and gloom though. Young Henry turned three and has started preschool, and Oscar has enjoyed having his mummy all to himself for a while.

We have been given a few slates to finish one patch of roof tomorrow, so daughters side will be complete and hopefully ours won't be so long a wait now. Windows, well lets not even think about such luxuries shall we. The kitchen is due the second week in October. The cupboards arrive already made. The kitchen needs to be ready to receive them!

I had a really bad time at work. Getting attacked from behind, which left me really not coping well. The said resident has now left...hopefully long term and I have stopped doing late evenings I'm finding a regular bedtime routine helpful in getting a better nights sleep. I have actually mixed up what I do at work. So I go in the kitchen, do laundry, as well as caring. A change is as good as a rest and I have managed to fit in many more hours as a result. This is possibly one of the reasons I have been a very bad blog reader of late! I am slowly catching back up though. We are indeed living in very strange times. Today I have entered in my diary my covid booster and flu jab dates.

Well I must away to the top of the garden and see if I can glean some remaining runner beans. We are having fish in a parsley sauce for tea, and they will be a greatful addition to our plates I'm sure.

Blessings, J. x