Monday, 31 October 2022

Remembering Their Souls

Well the wheel has turned once more. Autumn is definitely ruling the party and the harvest is all but over for another year. I am especially remembering my parents during these few days of reflection. Sadly both long departed from this world but they have never truly left me completely. They are in the air that I breathe and the food I bake. They are with me on walks and in times of family gathering. We live on in our children so I carry a part of them with me always. I also see them when I look at my children and grandchildren. This does not make my is merely the way of the World.

Today I should be at work, however Friday evening we went out to see Cornish comedian Johnny Cowling...I laughed and laughed...and partook of the food provided. Something certainly didn't agree with me and I was lucky to be able to remain seated throughout the second half. You don't want the gory details suffice to say that I think the stress of the past few weeks has made my insides rebel a little and possibly a touch of IBS/lactose intolerance has struck. The cramps are fewer now but things still aren't fully right and so I am home doing jobs between rests. Hubby chose yesterday to heave everything out of our entrance/utility/mud room.  All over the dining room table/floor and seating. Think items still caked in building detritus...Yes it really was that bad. Anyway eldest and son in law helped him, the children played and I managed to cobble together a lunch out of mainly leftovers from our Saturday evening Halloween party. (I had made for a very sorry looking witch...pale and clutching a hot water bottle). Anyhow...a party for the children had been planned and we couldn't let them down. So after taking my eye off the ball and not realising hubby was brushing on gloss...oh my...he is many things...but a painter and decorator he is not...but he tried, I have done some touching up this morning...leaving the very high bits until he is home sometime to keep an eye on the ladder. I have also begun to scrub the floor...and boy does it need it...I had practically given up trying to sort it out as each time I did the next lot of building mess came through. Now though anyone caught messing it up will be...well they will know of my displeasure for sure!

There is a scary bat in the above photo...and a spider...somewhere! 

Blessings, J. x

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

A Little Autumn Colour

Far from having gone to bed our garden is still lovely in many respects. Yes there are wild plants where I would rather there weren't, it is far from tidy and generally rather soggy. However having just dashed outside to pick in the barely dried laundry before the predicted downpours just now I was delighted to notice just how good some things are looking.

From Guelder Rose to Columbine,  Holly berry to Weigela, and Brambly Apple to Dahlia there is still much to look at and admire in our garden here at Little Winter.

The sky is now most definitely grey. Dreary is an accurate description.  I have had a lovely if totally not to plan morning. The in laws thought I was visiting this afternoon and not this morning so after quite a drive with eldest and the children we ventured to an out in the country garden centre. Very happy to have done so too, they have really upped their game since I last visited.  The in laws will be visited later in the week now as daughter had other plans for this afternoon. Some pastry is resting for an apple pie crust as a treat for afters later. I trust hubby is out working hard and burning lots of calories!

And so for the rest of the afternoon, as I have finished my allotted tasks for the day I am resting up in readiness for the next few days of very early starts. Truth is I treated us to a cooked breakfast at the garden centre which was absolutely delicious, however very often if I eat such things before evening meal time my tummy rebels, and it has so now I feel a little bit washed out. Happy but washed out!

I'll leave you with that lovely piece of information...

Blessings, J. x

Monday, 24 October 2022

Right Now

Having run around at work like a lunatic this morning I haven't been dusting, mopping or generally making our home a better place this afternoon I'm afraid. I have managed to skip between heavy downpours to take out the recycling...skip through a heavy shower to pop some post in the box just down the road, and bring in a couple armfuls of logs. second of the day which is unusual for me I drank with eldest when she brought the littlies in for a hot chocolate with full on squirty cream. A few stray dishes have been washed and some chips have been cut in readiness for tea. 

Having dragged an armchair out into the room I'm sat right in front of this beauty...

Right now there's nothing and nowhere I'd rather be or be doing. My toes are toasty. The light is fading. The clock has just chimed half past the hour which means there is another half an hour before I need to set the tea going. Absolute bliss. I may or may not do some crochet. I have done the Worlde puzzle, and some of the Spelling Bee, and the countdown that Sue had on her blog today. My time spent my way. The cats are both in and unusually Kitty is not insisting on sitting on my lap. We had a small disagreement when she tried drinking from the water the chips were soaking in. Naughty pussy cat...a plate now covers said chips.

Back soon.

Blessings, J. x

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Calorie Laden Comfort

I did indeed take a few pictures yesterday. Though having not done quite as much cleaning as I would have liked the kitchen is looking a much better place this morning than it did yesterday.

The recipe makes twelve of these...

Full of toffee, apple and spice...just right for an Autumn afternoon...

I fear a change of Season bug has caught me unawares and I just don't feel quite right. Wobbly legs, really tired, feeling chilly. You know the type of thing. Not enough to put you to bed, and outwardly you don't look too bad but just something not quite right. I'm feeling grateful for enough of last nights leftovers to feed us this evening without much input from me.

The wood burner is laid in all ready and I fear darkness will not have descended when I strike the match today. Having said that it is currently dry if cold and windy so a wash is flapping wildly on the line.

The rest of the day is going to be all about being kind to myself. I have managed a little paperwork earlier and another load of washing is on. This old body is due for an afternoon of rest. I'd like to hunt out the correct size of crochet hook and some yarn for a Christmas project but if it doesn't happen then it doesn't.

Getting ready for last nights meal...a small nod towards the end of the month for the grandchildren...

Well that's all the grey cells are going to let me do for now.

Blessings, J. x

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Taking Five

Today the sun is shining though a chill East wind is blowing our way and I am thankful for having turned on the Aga before going to bed last evening. I am taking a few minutes away from the massive kitchen clean I've decreed absolutely necessary. So far the windows have been washed and a third of the worktops have been scrubbed. A piece of brisket is in the bottom oven and I can just begin to smell some rather tantalising smells. In the bread maker some dough to make apple and toffee buns is being kneaded. Rather decadent and all lovely despite the calories. Life is slowly returning to normal, though whatever normal actually is I'm not really sure. I can feel my tummy muscles rather like jelly. However old your children become you're always their Mother and I know I will never stop worrying about them until the day I die. The medical emergency was for my youngest and for the first days I just wanted to be with her constantly. Now I am slowly learning to back off. I either see or speak to her most days but slowly, very slowly medically if not emotionally there is definite improvement. Emotions are harder to overcome and I shall be keeping a close eye. Not sure I'll ever trust the A & E department again. Had they checked her over properly on our first visit the emergency most likely would not have occurred and as for 111 I suggest not bothering if at all in doubt. I hope she and her partner have learnt a valuable lesson in looking after themselves. I know they say carers are notoriously bad at caring for themselves and in this instance it was so very true.

Anyway some powerful music is playing on my iPad. A load of laundry is nearly ready to peg out. I need to give the Kenwood a really good know the in all the major crevices! The cats would love me to have the door and windows open so they can continually pad in and out...not a chance. All the Aga heat is needed for cooking and airing the laundry.

I've just had a look for a decent picture to upload, however I obviously haven't taken any apart from at work which I cannot share with you. Now the windows are clean perhaps I'll snap a few later.

Take care everyone.

Blessings, J. x

Friday, 14 October 2022

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a family. It was a happy family...good things were happening, excitement was building and all was well. Then suddenly something went horribly wrong for one of the family and things took a dramatic turn with emergency hospital visits and much sadness and worry. This is the only way I can describe what has happened to us in the past few weeks. I am still reeling with shock and trying to hold myself and the family together. We are doing our best to look ahead to hopefully a new life in the family next March followed by a wedding in August and another the July after. But it hurts deep inside right now and I feel as though my brain has been vacuum suctioned of the traumatic events. I know they happened but some of the feeling has just gone and I feel quite empty. Hopefully with time we'll feel more relaxed but right now I'm on high alert.

Today I have the boys with me. Both with awful colds and much nose wiping is called for. Whingeyitis is rife and I'll do well to refrain from a gin when they finally go home later this afternoon. (I do love them really, but you know what poorly boys can be like!) Trying to educate them to play with one thing then pick that up before turning out something else. The threat of the one way cupboard is quite handy. (One way cupboard being the woodburner).

Apples need picking and preserving...too late now for more blackberries. I lost my preserving mojo in an instant but am now faced with baskets of decaying produce which is such a waste and causing me to fret. Energy and the mindset to actually do something about it though is in short supply.

I missed a work shift yesterday due to feeling really dizzy. Left ear issues often plague me and it hasn't felt right since I had a really sore throat a few weeks ago. Slow head movements seem to be working for now. Luckily I'm not due back to work until Monday so with some rest and TLC hopefully we'll be good to go.

Youngest grandson seems to have made himself a chainsaw so for how much longer we'll have furniture I'm unsure. Other boy is making a brick cutter...guess who has lived through a house renovation in their short life!

Anyway bad ear or not some household tasks need to be done. Easy does it obviously. I have been periodically popping in to read your writings but haven't had the umph to leave many comments I'm sorry to say. 

Blessings for now,

J. x

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Still Here in the Background

As it has been for all of us lately things far bigger than my blog have taken precedence over the boring drivel  I write here. I haven't felt the need or desire to tap at my keyboard but knew that one day again I would. Lots of things have been going on in the background of our life some good some bad. 

Kitty has finally been spayed and of course needs extra cuddles. We are to become grandparents again. Quite a surprise but a welcome one. I think this is something of an engagement baby due to our Son and his fiancee.

The death of our beloved Queen has had a profound impact on many of the older generation that I care for at work. Many a tear has been shed on my shoulder and pleas for us to get rid of our masks have been plenty from those desperate for some human touch. I just hope in the not too distant future this will be possible.

Finally I have gone back to attempting to paint some more of our interior. A few days ago I  had an unfortunate episode when my hair dangled into a tin of black gloss paint! I ended up cutting the offending parts off.

Eldest grandson has turned four...Four...I can hardly believe it. His Mummy and Daddy have given him to share with his brother a play restaurant. Thankfully he's happy to dole out food and drinks without yet charging! We gave him a play sandwich set and a china('ish) teaset. They have had great fun filling the teapot and milk jug with water and pouring us cups of tea!

Anyway...even with a purring Kitty by my side I do need to be away to the spare room to finish giving it a freshen up coat of paint. 

Truly hope you are all managing to muddle through this rather emotional time without too much pain.

Blessings, J. x