Thursday, 8 July 2021

Space Required

Please don't misunderstand me...I really do think the world of may family...but we all need some space...not just to move around in either...daughter and her family currently have no kitchen or bathroom so regular trips to Grandmas' are in order...and usually welcomed...but this morning I have found it all just a little too much...I had some payments I needed to make and some phone calls that needed to happen before I go off to work later...cue daughter arriving with the children to make a nearly new Kenwood bowl crashing to the floor...the sofa cushions being removed...and generally everything needing to be moved up out of reach...I gritted my teeth at the screaming as youngest caught his hand in a drawer...scooped him up and passed him to Mummy...and exited to the garden for a spot of therapy planting! I have returned some time later to a much quieter and emptier house...apart from the noise of the builders...tears I feel are not far away...this building lark is stressful indeed!!

Hopefully back soon in a better frame of mind...and having caught up with some blog reading...

Blessings, J. x