Monday, 22 March 2021

A Gentle Day Ahead

So it's about time I heed the advice given to me and spend more of my time relaxing...hard to do when so much chaos lies scattered around for my eyes to gaze upon. Dust bunnies...I'm looking right at you...and Henry keeps letting me know I have weps...(cobwebs) apparently there are weps...BIG!! I scooped one from the fireplace at the weekend for him to came out complete with the body form of a  daddy longlegs...we couldn't decide whether it was a dead one or a cast off skin...

I need to make a list...a short one obviously...and prioritise what really needs doing...planning regular rest breaks...and pace myself whilst doing the tasks...this all sounds so reality it just isn't...sometimes things need doing all at once..but hey ho...after over exerting again at the weekend even I realise I need to take better care of me. Luckly there is plenty of cold beef for our evening meal and with a little mashed potato veg and gravy we'll have full and happy tummies. 

Our living room carpet really needs to be shampooed...but you know what...with all the building works coming up we have resigned ourselves to the fact that it and the stair carpet is going to get would be just too much of an effort to try and save it. The stairs go up from the living room and yes there will be builders and a hubby stomping on up with their boots on. I have decided it just isn't worth any of my energy or stress...we'll do whatever needs to be done when the time is right. Meanwhile I have a body to recover.

Good morning Wilbur...normally more camera shy than Kitty...enjoying a spot of the bright stuff on hubbys' chair...notice the honest repair?! We have two screws fixing the arm...he did it when I was away from home once and the children thought I'd go nuts...I've been with him over 30 years...what is the point!

Blessings, J. x

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Sharing Good News

Some news arrived in my inbox late yesterday afternoon that I wasn't expecting until early April...our plans for an extension have been approved...Imagine a big big smile, and a lightness in my heart that hasn't been there for a long long while. I know full well that there will be frustrations...much burdens and plenty more...but I am feeling very happy. We will be able to truly make this cottage into a home...a home fit for an expanding extended family...

To be able to have a dining room to seat people instead of cramped in the kitchen will be truly wonderful. To have our bedroom at the rear of the property and be able to open the window at night if it becomes too hot will be a blessing...Happy happy dancing here today, and this evening we intend to celebrate with a chinese takeaway...

I have this morning begun the task of packing up best china and getting it ready to put in the loft...the loft at the front of the house...because yikes...the rear roof will be coming off! Lets all pray for a pleasant Summer please.


Yes Kitty...the there will be much change in the coming months...and I'm not sure that you are supposed to be up on the dresser young lady!

Blessings, J. x












Thursday, 18 March 2021


The deed is done...I offered my right arm this time as I sleep on my left...second Covid injection took place earlier this morning. Hubby is booked to have his first next Wednesday. Things are moving along in the right direction.

I continue to take medication to mask some of the symptoms of Long Covid...lesson learnt from overdoing it on Monday...never let internal battery get lower than 50%. (Quoted from the Dispatches programme)...I'm still paying for Monday's exertion today with shakey legs, & body. Overdone. Feet are now raised after returning from my place of work where the jabs took place. It is the farthest I have driven since last being at work. Mug of tea to my right...packet of crisps (salted) devoured...and relax.

Spring has been teasing us and a frost came in the night...I hadn't covered our tender seedlings and shoots with bubblewrap so was anxious to visit them this morning. I think they are ok...the frost didn't penetrate the greenhouse this time.


Yes Spring is springing...whether or not Old Man Winter is ready to depart.

Blessings J. x

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Did That Really Just Happen

There will be no photos in this installment...and you'll soon figure why...

This morning I have been busy making flans...savoury ones. Hubby had remarked that the parsley had grown again in the garden and wouldn't a flan be nice. Being the useless wonderful wife that I am I set to work making some pastry and frying up an onion and some bacon. There has also been cheese to grate. Luckily my wrists and hands cooperated on everything except pepper grinding which luckily for me hubby had popped home for a cuppa and managed to do. It was as I went to stir the eggs up that I felt it...something hard and prawn shaped appeared on the prongs of my can guess what it was. The eggs son-in-law had fetched only yesterday from a farm...a whole tray of them. Now I am a farm girl by birth...but I have to say my tummy did do a little flip and contunues to dance even now. However I'm disgusted proud to say that hubby and I decided not to waste the 6 eggs mixed up and merrily cautiously slopped the mixture into the flan case. It is baking as I type and I haven't heard any chirping coming from the Aga. Whether I shall want to sample the said flan remains to be seen.  I have taken the said embryo next door to son-in-law. He is a trained though not practising science teacher and quite probably will be fascinated at the poor unfortunate article.

There are rolls which will easily defrost in the freezer and crackers in the cupboard...but I eat chicken...I eat as there were no horrid smells eminating from the eggs I'm assuming that all should be ok to consume...though my tummy is yet undecided what to have for lunch!

Blessings, J. x

Monday, 8 March 2021


So this blinkin Long Covid thing has been diagnosed and appears to be staying awhile so I guess I'd better get used to it and do what I can and leave the rest.

Being off work is helping...there is no way I could do a shift at the moment...but I can do little bits in the garden which has the added benefit if we're lucky of coming with additional vitamin D. So little by little I have weeded some of the neglected spaces. The fence is now nearly finished between the two cottages and a pear tree and thornless blackberry have been planted...the first of many plants I hope. We do however have a seam of clay in the garden...if I had more strength in my hands at the moment I could form some crockery...however I don't so shan't. Instead I potter (notice the pun!) in the greenhouse and hum to seeds yet to germinate. Placing bubblewrap over a trio of newly planted peonies to protect them from the viscous frosts we are having at the moment makes me feel like a very good parent. I even used the greenhouse to bask in whilst doing the you know...dreaded VAT. More vitamin D and all that has to be a good thing.

The blood tests the nurse took all came back OK, and for that I am grateful...though all is not hunky dory it could be so much worse. Having agreed to trial a Gabapentin type medication to calm my nerve endings  I am now on one three times a day.  I can go slowly up to three three times a day. It would be lovely not to have to. The thinking is that Covid leaves some people with lots of tiny blood clots. Brain fog is something to either laugh about or cry over. I nearly did the latter this morning when I really couldn't remember where the Tesco store was for a time. My attitude to housework has become more relaxed than usual...but if you can't you can't and that is that.

A storm is brewing in the Atlantic, and despite having the children tomorrow I need to make sure things are put in appropriate places. Hopefully my body will allow me to bring in enough logs to last the two days but only time will tell. 

Maybe we did have Covid back last March...and getting it again made it more likely I would suffer afterwards. Whatever the cause I intend to fight and fight hard. Tiredness is never far away, but sleep is often elusive. 

Today I have been grateful for finding the will to try and try again digging a hole big enough to plant the pear tree. Hubby would have done it but I really needed to prove to myself that I could persevere and succeed. I'm also pleased I managed to bake a coffee cake and get a meal on the table of leftover beef and roasties with homemade coleslaw, and an apple, nut and sultana salad.  




Miss Kitty and Wilbur have been given supper and have gone to bed which reminds me...

A bed is waiting for me up the little wooden hill, so for now blessings, J. x