Wednesday, 18 March 2020

My Girl

Sadness has entered my heart these past weeks for I have noticed a marked change in Heidi's health. She had a round of antibiotics for a UTI, but appears to be intermittently wetting herself...this is not really the main problem. What alerted me to a possible more serious issue was  a sudden limp from her right back leg...which at first I though could be down to a prickle, however she has started to cave in suddenly if she tries to trundle along with one of her doggie friends. That and if alone she would really rather not go for a walk. Just across the road for a wee and quick sniff around then stop and look at me as if to say 'not today Mum'. One thing that has not diminished is her if she's not suffering hopefully she will be here for a while yet, albeit staying closer to the warmth of the Aga. I cannot be upset too much, for she is nearly 10, and in Newfie terms 8 to 10 years is the life expetency. Well I can be upset, but know that there is not much apart from love and care that I can or wish to give her. Life does have to have a certain quality about it to be worth it. I would not put her through any surgery at her stage of life, though she posesses quite a chunk of my heart.

Treats are unlimited though, as are kind words and cuddles. I hope she knows just how much she is loved.
Spring has really been rather an elusive beast around these parts...though I have spied all the signs such as primroses.

Daily we are watching the news as of course we all are. I can foresee many difficult times ahead, as a care worker I know I shall be in the front line caring for some very vulnerable people. Today is being spent at home, doing a little housework and a jigsaw...much needed downtime.
Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Pleasing Oneself

Fresh back from a brisk walk down the lane with Heidi, I am currently perched on our sofa, hot water bottle nestling in the small of my back, with the woodburner going...though having just glanced at it, it is in obvious need of attention...
Today, though really dreary weatherwise, hasn't been such a bad old day after all.
I managed to off-load a pile of boxes into eldest's place ready for packing. The car is good for a few miles after filling with diesel...Heidi has more of her anti-itch tablets...and a visit to Lidl saw me stock up the items we had run either dry on , or very nearly exhausted...well those I could find. No yeast to be there hasn't been for the past month or more...toilet rolls were very sparse, and as we have our last pack of six still untouched I left them on the shelf for someone more desperate than we currently are.
What I have stocked up well on is bread my job quite likely I will come into contact with infectious people if the Corvid19 virus spreads as anticipated. I need to be sensible and prepare a little and not expose myself to too many risks which I would then be taking to vulnerable people. In my eyes a pantry that ideally could keep me from needing supplies for two weeks at least is a necessity not so much to protect me but those I care for.
What I really do not need is six months supply of toilet rolls though!
I'm not quite sure how it happened, but whilst glancing at the array of fruit and vegetables in Lidl I had a sudden yearning for salad...crisp fresh salad...and so tonight that is on our menu...along with belly pork which hubby is less than happy about. However I'm fussy about what sausages we have and didn't fancy any I saw today so belly pork it shall be...with lashings of mashed potato.
After lunch I went for a don't think relaxation here...think back is still in a pretty bad way...but right now my weekly massage is keeping me upright and earning a wage.
Upon returning home I've lit the fire, spoken to youngest, and well, just idled away the afternoon, and quite frankly I really don't care.
Soon I shall prepare the tea and am hopeful for an evening with at least a few games of cards with hubby. After all we now are the owners of a very fine card table..ok so the baize needs's a lovely feeling to bring out the table, open it up and have a proper dedicated playing surface!
I am sure many of you have read that Sheila from www.LifesTooShortToIronTeatowels has suffered from a stroke and like me were really shocked to hear the news. I wish you a full and speedy recovery lovely lady.

Blessings J. x