Thursday, 24 June 2021

The Battle

Now don't fret you good being the Summer Solstice I'm referring obviously to the battle betwix the Holly and Oak Kings...

Unfortunately I have not been able to do quite what I had envisioned on this special day due to having the boys for an extra day this week. Same again tomorrow Grandma!

Three days later...

And thus life continues apace here at Little Winter...precious little time for writing a blog post let alone an interesting however there are no builders on site making noises or requesting supplies or drinks, or plasters or pain relief...concrete blocks can do some damage if they come in contact with a balding head!

So breathe...well until I have to head for work this afternoon anyway. I had hoped to pick up an easier shift in the day centre yesterday, however it ended up not opening so my bosses requested that I swop shift to later today...a not so restful experience but with the building costs rising I had little choice but to opt in.

I know I am not alone in having a blogging malaise about me...I really love to write, but for that you  have to be in the mood, it takes an awful lof of energy to put your soul onto paper or screen and it's energy that has been sadly lacking here of late.

Our cottage can now only be described as filthy and uncared for...well not uncared for but I am worrying that they are doing all this building work and I won't have the energy or drive at the end to make it a cosy home. All I see at the moment is mess and an endless stream of bills. Having the children an extra day this week really tired me out and it will be the same next week as youngest daughter tested positive for we're not sure, she had had two weeks at home and returned to work for only 3 days. In her holiday she was picking elderflowers and making cordial. Whether it has come via her partner who knows, but they are both repeatedly testing negative on their LFT tests...very frustrating.

Today has dawned overcast and for once I am almost thankful...when it is so lovely outside I don't want to be in at all. I have a few things I can do from the comfort of the sofa with feet raised before work. Those feet will be put to good use later I can guarantee!

The hedgerows and waysides are blooming and beautiful, though keeping a small child from wanting to pick the lovely hemlock has been quite a worry. It grows in swathes along the waters edge and does look very attractive. Henry has learnt to steer clear of stinging nettles the hard way. Nature is full of such cruel beauty at times.

And now I am just going to let the pictures do the talking...

Blessings, J. x

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Flaming June

Well well I sit in my garden on a beautiful June! Quite how June has arrived so soon after Christmas I'm not sure...but the lady is here...the skies are blue and life is feeling pretty good. The birds are singing around me and if I am lucky this evening as I water the plants that require such, an evening performance to rival any orchestra will be free to listen to.

We have a lone bilder toiling away for us today...the other two have gone to finish a job that was held up due to the previous bad weather. Progress is progress though and for this I am more than grateful.

There is a stiff breeze still blowing, however today I am happy for it to be so. The hedges are beginning to take on their frothy appearence. Washing dangles from our line and well...even the ever growing bindweed isn't getting to me today...I shall conquer it in the end...until then it is such a good vs the bindweed. 

Hopefully when the hubby gets home from work we will have a grill in the garden. He is a bit of a caveman so a good old grill suits him well. I prefer to do the cooking though. Charcoal has it's uses but not as a food thank you!

I am pleased to report that despite the awful clanking eminating from our washing machine earlier a pocket knife has emerged cleaned but otherwise unharmed and I slill have my drum door glass intact. No I don't check hubbys' pockets...used to...didn't like it so now don't!

Youngest has the next couple of weeks off...we went for a walk on the commons earlier...and passed by the Hockings ice cream van...yes we did would have been rude not has been perfect ice cream weather here. Despite what it could do to my hips long may it continue.

One corner of the plot...only taken a few days ago, but already changing...a rose is budding up more and I have added a dahlia to the left side. Everything is just growing at the moment. 

Well I'd better not waste too much time typing so until next time...

Blessings. J. x