Sunday, 15 December 2019

Show And Tell

Just thought I do a little bit of a show and tell...
Here is a stocking I made...
Not totally happy with the slimness of the toe
I have developed a new appreciation of the difficulty that is working with fake fur!

And below is what our front porch looks like after dark...
Youngest is to blame for the inflatable Father Christmas!

We have spent the last few days up North helping Sonshine...
Well hubby did...I kept mainly out of the way
And did lots of paperwork...
Tomorrow it’s back to work
Oh the joys!

I am determined to make some mince pies this week...
Hopefully anyway, 
I need to do lots of things this week...
Quite a few festive bits included 
So I’d better get some shut eye!

Blessings J. x

Monday, 9 December 2019

And So...

Life can be a bit of a bugger sometimes can't it.
Well that's how it's been around these parts lately.
Last Tuesday our neighbour accepted a new offer on the house
And so dreams have been dashed.
A heavily pregnant daughter has been consoled.
I am without a doubt absolutely exhausted...
And not one mince pie even made yet!
We can half-heartedly hope
That the new sale will fall through...
After all our daughters' did
But if it doesn't daughter and son in law have decided
To install themselves a wood-burner in their current home.
And breathe!
This week I have time off from work.
In theory this will mean time for me to catch up on paperwork...
In reality today has largely been spent in a sleep deprived stupor...
A storm raged around us last night
Things crashed and banged...
And Heidi was scared...
I ended up on the 3 in the morning...
Then just past seven hubby came down and made me get up
We were taking our upstairs doors to be dipped and stripped.
Oh joy!
Tomorrow is Henry day...with the dentist thrown in for good measure.
Wednesday is get a tree morning...
Followed by a Henry afternoon...
And from Thursday onwards we have family time planned.
I need to find pins to pin the smile to my face...
Only joking!
One day I promise I will get the up to date photos uploaded
And share a few...
But tonight I need my bed.
Blessings J. x

Friday, 29 November 2019

All the Makings of a Story

So house sale...nearly complete before falling through.
One scald to the arm...painful but healing.
Nasty...really nasty virus of some sort...began like flu...then a heavy cold.
Super hairy ageing dog who shouldn't really come in on the pale carpet...but well...
Computer and internet glitches...
iPad glitches...seriously update...what have you done?
So with a head full of cold I sat with heavily pregnant daughter yesterday,
And watched while next door had viewings from potential buyers...
Ouch..that hurt sooo much.
Daughter had some interest in their house, only for them to cancel hopefully to reschedule,
However until they're through the door and love the place, and have available funds it's all for nothing.
It being a family house there is very little movement just before Christmas...
And I can do absolutely nothing to help...
Except my brain doesn't realise and has me awake at silly o'clock each night.
Today I really must get our paperwork into the accountant
How many times have I been going to get it done these past months
Goodness knows, but it's weighing heavily on my mind.
November is living up to it's reputation.
Dull and dreary...with my mood to match.
Despite all the negatives I do realise how lucky as a family we really are.
Even if the house buying doesn't come off they are not destitute.
We shall have food on our table this Winter,
And we shall be warm.
Blessings J. x

Friday, 15 November 2019


Oh the last week has been awful
Though daughter is taking it in her stride
I fear I am not coping so well...
So last Friday dawned
The day when the buyer at the top of the chain
Should have come into some money via a bequest
Making her a valuable cash buyer,
Alas her brother is contesting the will
So 3 houses are now back on the market.
Thankfully next door is waiting a couple of weeks
In the hope that the chain can mend itself.
Today though one of those weeks is up
And the weather has been truly awful
Making house buying not a favourable activity.
We obviously don't know about the other 2 houses
I suppose even if next door goes back on the market
She still needs another buyer also
And one that will offer the asking price
Which realistically is rather high.
My other news is that we are going to build an extension
To the rear of our property,
Though right now I don't want to even think about it
As daughter and son in law would do a mirroring one next door
If they get it.
If not our plans may well change slightly.
If anyone wanted to extend next door 
They would need to move the drains
And they currently go right past our kitchen window.
Some of my patio garden will have to go.
Not sure we would want to do this for just anyone
If you know what I mean
So hopefully that would put people off
In the nicest possible way of course.
I had rather an unfortunate accident yesterday morning
Tripping over whilst carrying a scalding hot cup of tea.
Unfortunately I couldn't get my cardigan off very quickly
Due to how I fell
And even worse I had on quite a tight sleeved top.
Lets just say ouch and mourn a lost shift of paid work.
Today I've managed to get the groceries and do some laundry.
It truly feels as though my heart is made of lead though.
I think over the years we had our dreams quashed so many times
I can't bear to see it happening to our children.
I made a half hearted attempt in Lidl to get some festive vibes,
But apart from picking up a few nice looking tins of shortbread
Nah, zilch...I feel as flat as a pancake.
If everything works out in the end I know I shall kick myself
For wasting this time
But it's easier said than done
To get motivated
When brain and energy levels are set to zero.
I do hope luck is shining on all of you though,
Until next time,
Blessings, J. x

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Waiting come in for I have news to share
Though right now we are still waiting
And I fear we shall be waiting a few more weeks yet.
I have not dared utter these words to you before
For fear of jinxing the whole thing
Let me begin
It was a Henry’s first birthday 
He was with Grandma in the afternoon
As Mummy had a scan appointment 
Birthday tea all arranged for here too.
His Mummy and Daddy returned from said appointment 
All smiles
And then...
Mummy looks at her phone
For it has alerted her
To the fact that the cottage adjoining us
Has just gone on the market.
This is the neighbour who was constantly saying
’I want to sell’
But when asked if it was for real
Backed down.
So at 20 weeks pregnant
And with no current plans to sell their home
They put their house on the market.
To cut a long story short
Hopefully their end of a very short chain will be complete early November 
And the other end shouldn’t theoretically be far behind.
We have no clue as to whether they will be settled in before Christmas 
The important thing is that it happens sometime.
I have been so nervous about it so have not posted before
In fact until today I haven’t even opened Blogger
I just couldn’t 
By the way I have more news to share
But that will have to wait for next time
Though I’m bursting to tell you
I really want to read your lovely blogs
That I have neglected for some weeks.
Go careful on those broomsticks!
Blessings J. x

Thursday, 19 September 2019

With the sun on my back

Oh my...what a glorious few days we are having. I have been preparing fruits and vegetables for Winter storage outside and even brought out my baking things and mixed up an apple cake outside really has been that lovely.
I continue my quest to be ready for whatever Winter throws at us this year. Each walk I venture on my trusty basket comes too. I have this morning collected blackberries, rose-hips and hazelnuts...only a few of each mind...slight disappointment when I reached the field of my choice which had previously had hedges laden with a veritable array of Autumn goodies only to find the hedges had been trimmed. Walking back up the lane with Heidi I couldn't help but feel a sadness...I am able to reach into my cupboards, freezers, and shops to get food...but the wildlife...they really needed what the hedge had to offer. I have made sure all our bird feeders are well topped up. They don't do too badly at our house...mealworms, nuts, sunflower hearts, and niger seed are all provided liberally. I will not be complaining at the cost...we are all in some way responsible for the depletion in natural habitats and food for wildlife. I feel I owe them something at least.
I don't have too long before I must trundle along to work for the afternoon...early evening. I am lucky to have a job I enjoy mostly and must put a brave face on not being able to just sit on the sun-drenched patio all afternoon and be lazy!
Young Henry is one tomorrow and I cannot think where this last year has gone to in such a hurry. Eldest has a pre-natal appointment in the afternoon so he will be spending some of his birthday with his Grandma! I hope I can make it a special time for trying to sneak in any jobs tomorrow!
Due to needing to have my photo taken and due to being way overtired I really need to apply a little makeup before going out the door today, so until next time...
Blessings, J. x

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Oh Beautiful Autumn

Well today has dawned beautifully after the full harvest moon last night.
I do so love to see the glow of the harvest moon, yet mourn the year passing so quickly at the same time.
We were up before the lark this morning as it is the day of the local historic ploughing match which hubby has a lot to do with. Sonshine made it home last evening and he has taken off with his Father before dawn loaded with veg for them to exhibit at the show. I'm afraid I bottled out this year...having rather overdone working during the month of August I knew better than push myself too hard making jams chutneys and cooking for the show. Just as well...I've had to do lots of prep. work for hubby's entries! Yes being married to him is rather akin to having another child I have little control over. Insert weary smile! I often joke that his guarantee has run out so I have to keep him now!
Yesterday I managed to prepare for the freezer most of a bag of pears that one of my sisters in law kindly gifted us. I still have some to do but most of that particular task is done. In the afternoon I went out with Heidi to our youngest daughters and raided her orchard of a large quantity of apples. Luckily there is plenty of room in the freezer if I ignore the value of 16 bags of ice cubes we were given after a friends wedding! Yes really. She has a little puppy and we also all went for a short walk. She is a Beagle and boy does she have energy to burn. At one point she skidded past me on her back under an apple tree...obviously tearing around so fast and didn't corner too well! Luckily Heidi tolerates her well...that is until the claws dig into her face a little too deeply...then a warning grunt exudes.
So a little later I am duly off to the ploughing match...most likely to get tasked with selling raffle tickets...I got put on that job for the whole day last year and am not keen to repeat the feat! Then this evening I shall go to our local town's carnival...not so much for the carnival but for the pipes and drums event that occurs afterwards. In the dying light on the quay, massed pipes and bands march up and down playing. Sends shivers down my spine every year. Hubby I believe is staying on for the after ploughing match entertainment worries...not sure about the children...think 2 are coming with me and Son is making his mind up really it's not a problem. Can't be in two places at once unfortunately.
So I must be away to some chores before the clock beats me...a lovely load of dishes has materialised, though I did the massive pile from taking the ploughing event helpers tea last night...had a bit of a mishap with a large cottage pie in the boot of my car! It's the Devon hills and corners I'm blaming. It tasted good though despite looking a little worse for wear!
Have a good Saturday everyone...
Blessings J. x

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Not getting everything done

As my week off is nearing its close in the not too distant future I thought maybe I should reckon on how productive I've been. I had such grand make curtains for our patio doors that are situated near the table. I was going to pick bowls of blackberries, rose hips, and haws. Well it is past dusk on Thursday evening and not one pin has been placed and not one berry picked! The rain has prevented berry picking and I have kept busy enough without starting sewing.
So what have I accomplished so far this week. Well our business inputs and outputs are bang up to date. I've looked after young Henry on more that one occasion. I've this afternoon defrosted both freezers and made an inventory of their contents! Almost succumbed to frost bite doing them but a job well done. I've collected several pocketfuls of hazelnuts whilst out walking with Heidi. Washing is nearing a reasonable level. I've baked bread, made sausage rolls, rock cakes and cream slices. The household budget has been updated and adjusted for the season. Our mortgage introductory rate is nearing it's close and I've sorted out the next deal. I've caught up with a good friend. I've even uploaded a few recent photos so they can be shared. Here are a couple of the patio garden, some birthday flowers and of course, Arthur.

Until next time,
Blessings, J. x

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


Quite frankly I just don't know what is going on with Blogger. I used to be able to leave comments on my iPad...then that became intermittent, so I would log on to my laptop. Well guess not even on my laptop can I leave comments. Have I missed something?
So Sheila...hello to you too! I honestly cannot think where the time has gone to. Really this year is on skates or something. I hope you and yours are keeping well. I feel really out of the loop right now.

Sue...OMG yes I realise that Mummy will be really tired, sometimes grumpy and constantly worrying about something...I am thinking that even when she's on maternity leave again I shall have to help in some way. Lovely to hear your grandchild number 4 is on the way.

Janice yes I indeed need to value my time a little more. Am anticipating a battling down of the finances to make life more controllable. 
Blessings J. x

Coming Soon...

Summer...we had a Summer? Must have missed that one...Autumn has certainly arrived and with it an urgency to pick and preserve nature’s bounty. I also have begun to have Henry once a week as daughter heads back to work part time. What a joy...this week I am on holiday and had him yesterday for the first time. Usually I work Tuesday afternoon/evening and will have to hand him over after lunch to my other daughter. I’m presently number crunching to see if I can give up my Tuesday shift...he will be young for such a short while so why would I want to give up my time with him. He is hopefully going to become a big brother in early February! He’ll be a little under 17 months...goodness, daughter will have her hands full!
Lots has been happening here at Little Winter, the pig house roof...AKA the utility has been re-roofed with the original pan tiles...hopefully keeping the inside much cleaner. 
The water wheel is up and pond and stream are coming along...I can’t claim finished because they are not by a long way. Hubby has agreed that come Winter we will put our lovely greenhouse up in the vegetable garden...poor thing has been in storage for around eight years.
We have had satellite broadband installed as fibre was useless and regular was as well. I can’t say that it is amazing, however it has been a definite improvement. My work life balance has been so out of kilter this Summer...I have however been keeping the tax man happy...Yes number crunching needs to happen...I sometimes think I am working for nothing as I can easily miss things on hubby’s paperwork that end up costing us more in the long run. I just feel good bringing home enough to cover the mortgage however it’s time to be realistic.
We have a new addition to the family...Arthur...Arthur is a budgie who came to us in rather unusual circumstances a few months ago...he has however settled in remarkably well and has learnt some interesting phrases...Love you....usually followed by Grumpy git! Wonder who he learnt that from...hides face grinning...You ok and you alright Arthur, good boy, kissy kissy xxx are more of his chirpings. Not sure if he talked in his past life but he seems to just say what I do.
The weather is really not conducive to hunting the hedges for tasty treats...I am bound for some fun with a friend today instead. We are both working ladies and time off at the same moment rarely occurs. Hopefully I will at least amble down the lane later with Heidi and pocket some more fallen hazelnuts. Right now the thought of a hot cup of tea beckons and I shall then do some long overdue catching up on favourite blogs.
Blessings J. x

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Oh The Irony

Well what can I say...I'm counting the calories at the moment...and I've at long last updated the header photographs on the ones mainly of highly calorific foods...a little of what you fancy does you good obviously!
I have actually managed to lose 5lbs so 5 weeks, so I'm rather pleased with myself. Slow and steady wins the race as the old saying goes.
It is so sticky here this evening. It is also very windy. I can hope and pray for a good night's sleep...but I'm not holding out too much hope!
Three days off...three hopefully magical days...I do have the constant bane of paperwork to do...but I think with a little pacing myself...half an hour here, and half an hour there it will be alright. My brain goes off the boil after too much computer work so small bursts are definitely the way to go.
I cannot believe it is almost ten o'clock...I worked later tonight. I'm rather hoping that tomorrow will be payday. I can't guarantee it, but am thinking it should be. We'll see...anyway I hope you all enjoyed the most wonderful Solstice...I unexpectedly had to work...but all in a good cause.
Blessings, J. x

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Catchy Weather

I know, I know...the weather...either too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet or too dry...never satisfied are we, or so it seems. However, having looked at our forecast last evening I was satisfied that it would be a wonderful idea to allow the near dried washing to hang out overnight and finish drying when the sun came up. I awoke to puddles on the patio. Thankfully everything seems to have held tight to the line in the brisk breeze that is blowing through our garden. She says through gritted teeth!
I needed to bake a cake for hubby's packed lunches today, and am working later so bravely mixed a basic sponge and added some cinnamon and a chopped apple...not that brave I hear you, however then I did a mercy dash to Lidl in town leaving my baby sponge in the simmering oven. Luckily the shop wasn't overly busy and I certainly did not browse as I pushed around my trolley. No dithering permitted. I was done and out of there in a trice, then back home...cake needed another 12 minutes too!
The aforementioned cake is smelling rather lovely, so I may indeed partake of a small slice at lunchtime. Before that though I'm venturing up the garden to give the washing line a good rattling off before adding our large bed sheet to it's load. Hopefully this brighter interlude that is over us now will last and I will be picking in beautifully air dried laundry this opposed to scooping up sodden muddy laundry from the overgrown grass.
Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Plotting and Planning

So...what to do next...I've worked out our monthly outgoings in our house accounts. Not all expenses are able to be reduced, though some can slightly. Our food bill has come down drastically. We currently have critical illness cover for hubby, though I'm not sure that this is a good financial item as it only covers our mortgage payment and only for six months, and only after 6 weeks...Think these details are correct, so might try to scrape 6 months of mortgage payments into an emergency fund...better still would be to have 6 months of our total outgoings in an emergency fund.
It seems that when Brexit finally happens, as it surely will do now, the foods that will be delayed entering the country will be wine and processed ones mainly so as I'm not that bothered about either of these...(they certainly don't fit into my budgeting), as long as a healthy crop can be dragged in from the garden we should stave off starvation. I shouldn't joke about it, and I'm not, for surely there will be people hoarding food now to flog it to desperate souls should things get really messy at dreadfully inflated prices. Who knows what is around the corner. I am willing to be prepared, but I should never want to stash away more than we need in order to profit from others.
Where do the hours and minutes go to? I have so much flapping around in my head that I want/need to get done...but the reality is that on mornings when I'm working there is regular housework or the shopping to get, a dog to be walked, and then off I go. The evening is half over when I return for the evening meal...which depending on who gets home first is now prepared by either of us. The clearing away still falls to me though. Then very soon so it seems I'm ready to go up to bed. The couple of days a week where I don't work are filled with washing, baking and more thorough housework tasks. So where does that leave our paperwork...generally mostly undone and in a right mess is where. Today I have managed to make out one bill...yes, just the one, but I'm taking that as a positive. In fact I may try for one every day...this sitting down for hours 'till my eyes cross over is tiring, boring, and no good for my figure. Speaking of which, I'm back on track to whittle away some rather undesirable membership's just me, my Fitbit, daily weighing (I take the weeks average), and measurable goals along the way. I've reached the first which is a 3lb loss, the next will be at 7lbs, then 10lbs then 14lbs. It'll continue in this pattern right to my goal which is 30lbs off! The first goal of 3lb could not come soon enough, a new bread maker is now on it's way to our Cottage, the old one being totally unreliable and I'd had enough. At 7lbs off the treat is to get the car valeted...hopefully this will coincide with a family wedding!
Now is it just me or is anyone else struggling with using Blogger on their iPad? I cannot leave a comment on  anyone's post...well it looks as though I have, but no, nothing, zilch has been left...this has made me appear extremely quiet of late and I don't always realise that it has (or rather hasn't) happened. So sorry.
You see, once more the clock has raced the morning past. The weather is being a bit bleh to say the least so the single boiler suit that I flung on the line is dripping rain drops in a most unhelpful manner.
Heidi is snoozing on the kitchen floor...I'd rather like to join her, for last night, sleep was rather too elusive to be humorous in the slightest.
Blessings. J. x

Friday, 29 March 2019

Just Being

I should love to tell you of all my achievements since last I wrote in this space...the truth is though that apart from daily living and working I haven't done much at all.
I've now quit my assessing job, but immediately so it seemed jumped at the chance of some extra hours at the care home. Will I never learn!
Life on the whole has been pretty good. I did manage to wax the beam on the bathroom ceiling,  making rather a mess of the ceiling paint due to the angles and having to rub with a rag. This will have to be rectified before I re-paint the ceiling. The men installed an extractor fan in our bathroom, and have separated off the spotlights from the main in your face light which now comes on with the extractor fan.
Youngest and her caveman are still here, though painting is being done at their house so hopefully within the next few weeks we shall see them move back home to theirs...finally!
This is what I believe I am waiting for, though I shall miss them I will love having our space back and the ability hopefully to get on with something when I'm home.
My baking mojo seems to have returned. Sponges of the chocolate and coffee and walnut varieties  have been lovingly prepared, baked then devoured by what I'm sure must have been at least a small plague of locusts.
Somehow I have landed up working tomorrow and Sunday, both days from 2-8:30pm. Not amazing on Mothering Sunday, but on the other hand it's weekend rate which is a little bit extra and everyone will be at the youngsters' house anyway. Freestanding taps don't come cheaply either!
Our fire is roaring away in a most comforting manner. The mist rolled in earlier this afternoon and my goodness did it become chilly with it. Hubby has been suffering for the past week with what I originally thought was a cold, however I now think he may have hay fever so have bought some appropriate medication. He's currently zonked out on our bed, having returned home twice throughout the day.
Heidi is beginning to show her age. She keeps wetting herself. Not as in a great puddle, but when she's asleep so it gets all over her and then she drips all over the place. She does have a couple of washable nappies, but even the largest size is rather tight on her ample frame. Bless her, she is currently snoring on the kitchen floor. Happy after a woodland walk earlier with Grand dog Bea.
I spent last weekend up with Sonshine. I went up with eldest and grandson whilst all the rest of the gang spent another weekend at the house of renovation! It made a nice change, it's just a shame it's such a long journey. Bless Henry, he gave us what for when we encountered delays between the M5 and M6! 
I have spent my evenings...well the small amount of evening afforded to leisure after work and eating, reading. I take myself off to bed rather early to read for a while before sleep. I can honestly say that I have not sat down to watch a single television programme in absolutely ages. But yes I have read, I've read about permaculture, of bygone days, classics, renovations, gardening. Strangely for me though I have not caught up on the blogs that I usually do, though I plan to have a mega catch up as a sort of treat shortly!
Oh, another thing I have been puzzling over is our household budget. Can we make any cuts. What should we spend more on, or at least more time on. It dawned on me whilst taking a weeks holiday at the beginning of the month that for a long time I was looking to see how much I could work. Something changed deep within me during that week and I now look at how much I need to work to achieve my goals. I had spent most of the week playing catchup with our business paperwork and ended up working a couple of hours on the Saturday and the Sunday afternoon to cover shortages at the care home.
A young Henry watched the six nations from his swing which is hooked to one of our living room beams when fact the whole family watched the final weekend of rugby...all apart from was my holiday, yet I was working. 
Well our tea is not magically going to prepare itself, though it's going to be a very lazy offering of battered fish fingers, tinned potatoes, which I shall fry, and some peas. Just right for a chilly Friday evening in the season called Spring which can never quite make it's mind up what to do weather wise.
Blessings, J. x

Friday, 22 February 2019

Plodding Along

Goodness where is this year going to in such a hurry
January...didn’t you used to linger
February...whoa...when I last looked you were so young
And now we are rapidly heading towards March
Much as I am longing for Spring 
Life does seem to be racing by at an alarming rate 
I am nearly finished with my assessing job
It will be bittersweet 
Some days it has been lovely to travel the county
However at others not so much
The same applies to the students!
I am hoping a week off will set me right
Give me a chance to get the cottage looking loved
The bathroom needs particular attention 
As in completely sorting out
It just doesn’t work for us at the moment
Wrong bath...wrong taps in middle of bath
Toilet in wrong position...tiles in weird places
Wrong colour paint...mould issue and no vent
Seriously not good!
Although at the moment we seem to be having some warm days
There is a cutting wind if you get out of the sun and nights are cold
I really wonder if Winter will leave us with a sting in it’s tail
Who knows...we shall just have to wait and see
A new moon and all could change
Sadly I haven’t had much time to bake lately
Don’t get me wrong...for I have cooked aplenty 
But not the leisurely bake
The what do we fancy
Maybe I’ll try that sort of baking
The tins full of treats, fresh from the Aga
The Mum I’m on my way
As soon as I mention something in particular 
Has just entered the oven
My life in the kitchen has been more
Oh my goodness the dishes
For without the dishwasher there is but one way
To clear the debris...not that I mind
It’s just been kind of hectic 
Working the two jobs still
And trying to maintain a home
Not for much longer though
Then there will be no excuse 
For cluttered counters
And a folder strewn table
I will leave you now
Or I know this will not get posted
Blessings J. x

Thursday, 31 January 2019

The Way Forward

So finally I have done it
I sent an email of resignation to my assessing boss last evening
I just can't do it all
Relief...the relief has been enormous
I was hanging on out of supposed obligation
Rather than wanting to do the job
Endless travelling
And no show learners
Take some sticking
So now I will just be doing my shifts at the care home
3 1/2 per week
Plus I am taking on providing some of the mandatory training
I will be busy enough
And a small boy has rather caught my eye of late
Henry time is definitely going to be on the agenda!
Play my cards right and I shall have 2 days off in the week
Though I still have our paperwork to contend with
But even so
No racing to get somewhere
I have purchased some glass tubs with lids
So I can freeze ahead meals
When youngest and her caveman
Move back to their house
Hubby is going to have to sort out the tea
At least three nights per week
Shock horror
So I figured the best thing to do
Would be cook ahead and freeze
Thaw out on the day required
Let hubby pop into Aga
And voila
He's cooked tea for us!!
Another day has passed
I am currently at work
There is snow lying and more forecast
All the school buses are stopping at 1pm
I am hoping to get home when I leave here at 7pm
Take care out there
Blessings J. x

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Long Johns At The Ready

Apparently it’s coming
The colder air 
I hope we’re ready for it
Here in Devon it isn’t always the temperature 
But the wind chill that seeps into our bones
My Mother used to always make sure
That vests were tucked into pants 
To keep body and soul together!
I guess she was right 
Last evening a small group of us
Carefully stepped up the garden path
And came to a halt by the largest apple tree
We made a very fine din indeed!
Toast soaked in cider was placed in the trees’ branches 
And some poured around it’s base
We sang and made merry for a short while
Before heading back inside
So today...goodness it’s going to be packed
Firstly a hasty visit to the hairdresser 
Then some training 
Then what remains of my working shift
Returning home to a wonderfully cooked tea by hubby
Actually he’s just popped back to our bedroom 
To ask what I am going to prepare for tea
So that he has the arduous task
Of placing it in the Aga!
Last week I managed to tumble out of hubby’s van
When he was using the car for a couple of days
I think my foot caught in the battery cover
And I made a very undignified trip to the ground
Landing on one knee
With my elbows nearly in a flower pot
I hobbled into work
And slowly it feels as though every bone and muscle
Was jarred
When did I get this old?!
It is my Saturday to work this weekend
But I intend for Sunday to be peaceful and restful 
I can live in hope
There is a jigsaw puzzle calling to me
I should really like to begin knitting something
But my fingers still feel sore and jarred
I hope the feeling improves soon
I feel as though Heidi is due some extra special woody walks
Ones I can find beautiful things to photograph 
And share with you
I’m not overly keen to share photos of Henry on here
He’s not mine to share!
And there’s only so many woodburner 

And fireplace photos you wish to see
Actually I could look at fireplace photos
Like forever!
These are old photos 
The first from RHS Rosemoor’s Glow event
The other I believe last Winters’ decor!
Blessings J. x

Monday, 14 January 2019

I Knew It Was A Mistake

Have you ever hesitated to get rid of something 
But then one day just gone and done it
I have
Almost without exception 
I have come to regret my action
The picture below is a copy of one I have had
For nearly 30 years
It was faded
The frame had broken 
I couldn’t think of where to hang it
So the other day it went in the woodburner 

As soon as it left my hand
I knew I had done wrong
But it was too late
So I searched online
And found a copy of the picture 
I intend to get a smaller copy
Which I can find room for
So hopefully all will be well again
I have this morning set up our new broadband
Not sure how much quicker it will be yet
Only time will tell
We had a weekend of jollity 
Friends came round for a meal on Saturday evening
I am still very tired
Henry is teething bless him
And we all know how cranky that can make babies 
Even our beautiful Henry!
As our weather is looking like it will be turning colder
I am attempting to bring in plenty of logs
Before trundling off to work this afternoon 
The wind picked up yesterday afternoon
And made some curious sounds through the cottage 
A welcome to Pam who left a comment on my last post 
The words on the banner are indeed my own!
I am glad that you like them
I hope they describe my home accurately 
People who visit say it is a very cosy place
Well as logs do not have legs
And bills do not pay themselves 
I need to finish up here for today
And continue with my allotted tasks
Blessings J. x

Monday, 7 January 2019


To comment once more
Had another update to do
And wallop
No more commenting from me
Sue...sorry to hear you haven’t been too well
Hope you’re back up standing very soon
The apple trees need your blessings!
Sheila...roast pork...yes yummy
Candlelight is kinder to us getting a little older!
Jules...more beautiful photos
Please keep sharing them with us
And to anyone else who inadvertently I have missed
Elaine, Aril, Janice, KJ, and Mrs. Tiggywinkle.
And that my friends is one issue with technology 
It often fails us.

Blessings J. x

Sunday, 6 January 2019

A Love Hate Relationship

Not with you dear reader
But with technology 

The internet 
Household appliances 

I love to be home
On a Winter’s night
With a storm raging outside
And to have a power cut

Candles cast their romantic glow
Around our old cottage 
We talk to each other
Instead of staring at screens

The fire exudes warmth
And light
We delight in it’s flames and crackles
It’s comfort

A car means we travel further to find work
Are expected to work after dark
Need to work more to pay for it’s running 
And eventual replacement 

Invade our personal space
Drain our time
Are much more expensive 
Than pens and paper 

I love being able to FaceTime Sonshine
And other family
Love reading your blogs
And being able to shop from my fireside 

It’s lovely having the electric Aga
A kettle boils quickly thanks to electricity
Travelling to work is a breeze in a car
And I stay reasonably warm and dry

Maybe we just need to know when to switch off
Blogger has helped me somewhat 
Very often lately my comments won’t publish
Thanks to some update or other

Our internet is very often less than .1 of a mb
Work continues a pace though
And I am finding getting tired commonplace 
I need to learn to say no
Slowly it should improve
My boss now knows that by September 
I shall be cutting back my numbers 

I took out our festive tree yesterday 
And a Father Christmas 
But Winter remains 
A roast is sizzling in the oven
The men and dog are dozing 

And so until next time 
Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

On The Embers Of 2018

So the very last day of 2018
Came and went
As we surely knew it would 
I am reflecting upon the year past
It held good, bad, and the everyday 

Our Christmas has and continues to be
For let’s not forget there are 12 days to celebrate 
A happy family time
Full of chatting, baking, eating
And some minor bickering 
Just to keep things real!

The cottage has fairly bulged at the corners
With bodies snuggling under blankets 
And sitting telling stories
By the light of the tree

Henry has been mainly full of smiles
And practicing finding his voice
I have made next years puddings
Whilst everyone was home
So that we could all stir them
And make a wish
Henry stirred first
They will now mature in the freezer
Thus linking one year to the next

Much work has been done on youngest’s and Caveman 2’s house 
Many loaves of bread have been cut into sandwiches
Logs have been logged 
Quizzes puzzled over
Mince pies dolloped with cream
Meringues left in too hot an oven
So they tasted like sugar puffs
Choux buns baked and eaten
With cream and generous lashings of chocolate 

Birds have been fed in the garden
And thoughts occasionally have drifted towards 
What the garden will look like come Springtime

I hope your festive season 
Has brought you peace and joy
With copious amounts of love
 Our limited internet is making it nigh on impossible 
To upload photos
So for now I send you blessings J. x