Friday, 29 November 2019

All the Makings of a Story

So house sale...nearly complete before falling through.
One scald to the arm...painful but healing.
Nasty...really nasty virus of some sort...began like flu...then a heavy cold.
Super hairy ageing dog who shouldn't really come in on the pale carpet...but well...
Computer and internet glitches...
iPad glitches...seriously update...what have you done?
So with a head full of cold I sat with heavily pregnant daughter yesterday,
And watched while next door had viewings from potential buyers...
Ouch..that hurt sooo much.
Daughter had some interest in their house, only for them to cancel hopefully to reschedule,
However until they're through the door and love the place, and have available funds it's all for nothing.
It being a family house there is very little movement just before Christmas...
And I can do absolutely nothing to help...
Except my brain doesn't realise and has me awake at silly o'clock each night.
Today I really must get our paperwork into the accountant
How many times have I been going to get it done these past months
Goodness knows, but it's weighing heavily on my mind.
November is living up to it's reputation.
Dull and dreary...with my mood to match.
Despite all the negatives I do realise how lucky as a family we really are.
Even if the house buying doesn't come off they are not destitute.
We shall have food on our table this Winter,
And we shall be warm.
Blessings J. x

Friday, 15 November 2019


Oh the last week has been awful
Though daughter is taking it in her stride
I fear I am not coping so well...
So last Friday dawned
The day when the buyer at the top of the chain
Should have come into some money via a bequest
Making her a valuable cash buyer,
Alas her brother is contesting the will
So 3 houses are now back on the market.
Thankfully next door is waiting a couple of weeks
In the hope that the chain can mend itself.
Today though one of those weeks is up
And the weather has been truly awful
Making house buying not a favourable activity.
We obviously don't know about the other 2 houses
I suppose even if next door goes back on the market
She still needs another buyer also
And one that will offer the asking price
Which realistically is rather high.
My other news is that we are going to build an extension
To the rear of our property,
Though right now I don't want to even think about it
As daughter and son in law would do a mirroring one next door
If they get it.
If not our plans may well change slightly.
If anyone wanted to extend next door 
They would need to move the drains
And they currently go right past our kitchen window.
Some of my patio garden will have to go.
Not sure we would want to do this for just anyone
If you know what I mean
So hopefully that would put people off
In the nicest possible way of course.
I had rather an unfortunate accident yesterday morning
Tripping over whilst carrying a scalding hot cup of tea.
Unfortunately I couldn't get my cardigan off very quickly
Due to how I fell
And even worse I had on quite a tight sleeved top.
Lets just say ouch and mourn a lost shift of paid work.
Today I've managed to get the groceries and do some laundry.
It truly feels as though my heart is made of lead though.
I think over the years we had our dreams quashed so many times
I can't bear to see it happening to our children.
I made a half hearted attempt in Lidl to get some festive vibes,
But apart from picking up a few nice looking tins of shortbread
Nah, zilch...I feel as flat as a pancake.
If everything works out in the end I know I shall kick myself
For wasting this time
But it's easier said than done
To get motivated
When brain and energy levels are set to zero.
I do hope luck is shining on all of you though,
Until next time,
Blessings, J. x