Friday, 28 February 2020


Well through total lack of inspiration...Friday it is for a title!
Not that life has been boring or anything...far from it in fact.
Hectic maybe should have been up there in the bright lights.
Poor old Heidi has been suffering from what we hope is just a UTI...
Cue visit to the vets...and smoke eminating from my purse...
She has almost completed her ten days of treatment.
However her recovery does not appear complete...
She is perfectly able to romp with her younger friends in the woods,
Albeit not for as long...
Her appetite has not diminished...however she is still passing very strong smelling wee,
And does not always have control of this function.
She was whimpering the other afternoon whilst just lying on the floor...
She had wet herself.
Poor Heidi...she is having a dose of anti-inflamatory every day.
Her treat tin has magically it what you will...
I hope it is not time to say goodbye just yet...not when she is so able to enjoy such fun with friends.
Other news is that young Oscar is doing well.
Daddy has a few more days of paternity leave, so as far as they are able they have been self sufficient.
That's not to say they haven't visited, or I them...just not as much as I usually see my daughter when she is home.
Their move seems to be progressing...we are guessing the end of March potentially.
I have been collecting some of the empty pad boxes from work. for their packing..any carer will understand the value of an empty pad box!
I have returned to work...but am only doing my regular shifts which basically amount to two days one week, and three the next. This is just about copeable for my back which is still in recovery.
Currently a hot water bottle is bringing some relief...for everything else I am having a weekly massage.
The weather can at best only be described as dull...uninspiring...and downright miserable...
I have a house to own!
Sonshine and his girl are arriving this evening for the weekend...
They will not wish to sleep under the Christmas decorations currently adorning the spare bed...
Rolls and cakes need baking...and washing needs...well washing...I've tackled the bathroom...
The kitchen is half done...well a small half...however yesterday I bleached all the cups and teaspoons...I mean a really thorough clean after six weeks of inactivity.
That's what I miss about not having a dishwasher...tea stains are a real pain!
Unfortunately todays walk looks like it will be a quick well wrapped up soggy nip down the lane, rather than a happy amble through the woods, however yesterday was beautiful...
I shall leave you with some happy photos of yesterday...

Blessings, J. x

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Today baby Oscar entered our World.
At a hefty 8lb 15oz I could only marvel at my daughter’s ability to walk so well afterwards.
I am beyond tired after watching over young Henry last night.
Basically he slept...I didn’t.

Goodnight everyone.
Blessings J. x

Monday, 17 February 2020

My Turn

Hello...Heidi know, I of the four paw variety!
Mum has been a little preoccupied of late what with eldest being VERY OVERDUE!
The weather has not been condusive to venturing out on long woodland walks, huff.
Instead we have been braving a quick trot down the lane for me to do my 'business'.
I do so like to do my business off the premesies...though Mum insists on picking it up and bringing it home with disgusting are humans!
Mum called me stupid as I was lying with my back against the Aga keeping warm whilst panting.
Doesn't she know just how good it feels with the warmth of the Aga against a furry back...
Actually I'm sure she doesn't have a furry back so she wouldn't would she.
How I long for sunnier days when we take a picnic down to the woods and rest a while for snacks.
I get to bathe in the cool clear stream waters and then shake myself off close to Mum.
Oh how I am loved!
Mum has been home from a place called work for the last few weeks. 
She says she's going back at the end of the week and I know I shall miss her company.
She has also been doing lots of baking whilst home and I get little tid bits by fair means or foul.
I like it when she bakes...the cottage smells lovely.
I like it when young Henry comes too.
I sit very close to his chair, and sometimes he throws food to me.
My Mum gets cross with me, but it's Henry that does it not me so that's not fair.
Still it's not a bad life to be had here.
Mum is very kind when I have something called an accident.
She washes my bottom and tail and dries me in a towel.
Though sometimes she lets out a noise like this....SIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHH.
Anyway, I need a little snooze now.
I am nearly 10 you know, which is apparently something called a 'good age' for a Newfie.

Heidi. x

Monday, 10 February 2020

And She Blew!

Mother Nature I am of course refering to. No sign of grandchild number two yet!
As Daddy in waiting has gone to skittles as well as Grumpy in waiting I've been in touch via text message to Mummy in waiting to check all is well. Apparently, Henry is asleep, the dog is asleep, the cat is asleep, Mummy in waiting is nearly asleep, but the baby still to be born is awake. 
I have assured her that I shall wait up until I know Daddy in waiting is home with her just in case anything happens that requires her to be taken in haste to the hospital. Or indeed if kettles need to be boiled, and towels passed! I should not jest for he weather is dreadful. We have had very strong winds since Saturday evening with no let up. Tomorrow is to be the same. I have fairly thick lined curtains at my living room windows and door, but my goodness I can hear the wind whistling around the cottage tonight. I think it wants to come in...either down the chimney or via any means possible.
Hailstones...when they come they hit hard against the kitchen window and door. I pity any man or beast out in such vile weather. Mother Nature is certainly letting us see her fury in full glory and I find it both beautiful and alarming at the same time. Yesterday we had two lengthy powercuts, and our internet was barely existant. It is far too windy for our satellite to function properly so I am tethering to my phone and grateful for the unusual luxury of two whole bars of signal whilst inside the cottage. I daren't let on that I have two bars or it will probably vanish!
Anyway I leave you on this wild February evening with some photos of yesterdays attempt at baking. There was no roast to be had at Little Winter yesterday. Instead, flans leftover from Saturday, some bread rolls and chelsea buns made their way to our table.

 Hot fresh from the Aga

 Ready for the table

Part mix of Chelsea buns

Blessings J. x

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Taking Care of Oneself

I've heard it said many a time...carers are notoriously bad at taking care of themselves...and so here I find myself resigning to the fact that I shall be off sick for another two weeks. I am determined to get much better in this time. The exercises I have been given to do today...and four times each day hopefully will see my strength improve in the area which is needed to support my back. Apparently I cannot hope to see any benefit for at least two to three weeks...I am going to be doing these exercises religiously...and some! I walked Heidi late morning and then took another short walk after lunch...sans Heidi as she is a one walk a day doggie! The exercises I was given by the physio last week were purely to aid pain relief and calm things down a bit. Today's are likely to stir things up a little...but I am so ready.  
The weather has been truly glorious today...which certainly makes for activities such as walking far more pleasant...I shall be mindful of being active even on bad weather days...I'm mentally ready to go back to work...but common sense has to decree that recovery will take much longer if I go back too soon. I'm done with acute pain thank you very much.
Plants and bulbs in our garden have begun popping up through the earth at a rate of knots these past few days. I saw my first small patch of snowdrops down the lane the other day...We don't have any of these little beauties in our garden...however I truly hope that one day we will.

Blessings, J. x

Sunday, 2 February 2020

The Return of the Grandma Roast

Well after feeling really quite down the past few days, this morning I’ve got my wiggle moving and hauled a piece of beef from the murky depths of the freezer. Veg has been prepped...along with the beginnings of a trifle. A general invitation to this event was issued via our family gossip what’s app platform. So far we have at least 3 extra...youngest is working and may respond later. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that Omeprazole which I have been taking since my back went may not be doing me as much good as harm. I have been feeling either hot or cold...have a very sore mouth and throat...been feeling dizzy and sick. The last two symptoms I threw towards having been on I stopped taking that a couple of days ago. Though on the mend I do have still a very achey back...though much better than the feeling of being stabbed with a knife which came before. Second trip to the physio this week...can’t wait!
So England are playing their first Six Nations match this afternoon. I predicted that eldest will have the baby today...maybe just in time for kick off?!??? she has been having contractions on and off this past week...we shall just have to wait and see. Hope she can enjoy her roast beef though😋. 
Yes...after a bit of an English fail with the rugby she did indeed eat her roast. The little family have now returned to their house though I feel it won’t be too long before we shall be looking after young Henry for mummy and daddy to go to the hospital.
So I am currently horizontal on the sofa...with a lovely hot water bottle on my back. Ski Sunday is on the television...and a girl in a swimming costume has just caused a bit of a pickle by messing up the finish time breaking the beam that stops the clock! Whatever next. 
I think I’d better go...
Blessings J. x