Monday, 17 December 2018

Popping In

Quite literally as it happens came and I hardly even noticed you
Now you are racing along and I am beginning to panic
I’m not ready
The house is not ready
Five days vanished in a haze of feeling and being quite yuck
Enough details I assure you
Now my wobbly legs have returned to work
It’s Coming!
But for me it is not yet here
Not the tree or tinsel
Or the feeling
I will begin to feel a stirring 
On the Solstice Day
Then a couple of days later
On Sunday
We will put up our festive tree
This I usually like to do on the Solstice Day itself 
However Sonshine will be home to help on Sunday
And so I will wait
Some preparation has taken place
Like the lbs of pastry
Made and placed in the freezer
Along with biscuit dough
Two rich fruit cakes
Are wrapped in readiness for their fine outfits
Of marzipan and icing
It will come
It will happen
We will celebrate 
Just as we always do

Blessings J. x