Friday, 22 February 2019

Plodding Along

Goodness where is this year going to in such a hurry
January...didn’t you used to linger
February...whoa...when I last looked you were so young
And now we are rapidly heading towards March
Much as I am longing for Spring 
Life does seem to be racing by at an alarming rate 
I am nearly finished with my assessing job
It will be bittersweet 
Some days it has been lovely to travel the county
However at others not so much
The same applies to the students!
I am hoping a week off will set me right
Give me a chance to get the cottage looking loved
The bathroom needs particular attention 
As in completely sorting out
It just doesn’t work for us at the moment
Wrong bath...wrong taps in middle of bath
Toilet in wrong position...tiles in weird places
Wrong colour paint...mould issue and no vent
Seriously not good!
Although at the moment we seem to be having some warm days
There is a cutting wind if you get out of the sun and nights are cold
I really wonder if Winter will leave us with a sting in it’s tail
Who knows...we shall just have to wait and see
A new moon and all could change
Sadly I haven’t had much time to bake lately
Don’t get me wrong...for I have cooked aplenty 
But not the leisurely bake
The what do we fancy
Maybe I’ll try that sort of baking
The tins full of treats, fresh from the Aga
The Mum I’m on my way
As soon as I mention something in particular 
Has just entered the oven
My life in the kitchen has been more
Oh my goodness the dishes
For without the dishwasher there is but one way
To clear the debris...not that I mind
It’s just been kind of hectic 
Working the two jobs still
And trying to maintain a home
Not for much longer though
Then there will be no excuse 
For cluttered counters
And a folder strewn table
I will leave you now
Or I know this will not get posted
Blessings J. x