Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Spring...I should like to know if we have offended you in any appeared in your glory earlier in the year, chasing Winter away almost before it's time...but then when your turn on the wheel became truly available you had left us near naked to icy winds and ferocious rain storms...where are are missed dreadfully. Your beautiful colours and gentle warmth soothes our souls. Each day this week we have been promised your return, only for a change of heart at the last moment. We are hopeful that today will be the day you do truly return, but so far the light still looks very watery. Please return to us Spring...before Summer knocks you sideways for another year.

Tulips now by the front door...still splendid after all the wind and rain...

Hiding under the front window...

Before the tulips took over from the daffodils...and before our front space became a builders yard!

Back soon...
Blessings J. x


  1. All those flowers! Beautiful! The forecast is looking promising for the next week. I'm forever hopeful. X

    1. Yesterday the heat came, but driving home from work last night the rain returned! x