Saturday, 24 September 2022

Still Here in the Background

As it has been for all of us lately things far bigger than my blog have taken precedence over the boring drivel  I write here. I haven't felt the need or desire to tap at my keyboard but knew that one day again I would. Lots of things have been going on in the background of our life some good some bad. 

Kitty has finally been spayed and of course needs extra cuddles. We are to become grandparents again. Quite a surprise but a welcome one. I think this is something of an engagement baby due to our Son and his fiancee.

The death of our beloved Queen has had a profound impact on many of the older generation that I care for at work. Many a tear has been shed on my shoulder and pleas for us to get rid of our masks have been plenty from those desperate for some human touch. I just hope in the not too distant future this will be possible.

Finally I have gone back to attempting to paint some more of our interior. A few days ago I  had an unfortunate episode when my hair dangled into a tin of black gloss paint! I ended up cutting the offending parts off.

Eldest grandson has turned four...Four...I can hardly believe it. His Mummy and Daddy have given him to share with his brother a play restaurant. Thankfully he's happy to dole out food and drinks without yet charging! We gave him a play sandwich set and a china('ish) teaset. They have had great fun filling the teapot and milk jug with water and pouring us cups of tea!

Anyway...even with a purring Kitty by my side I do need to be away to the spare room to finish giving it a freshen up coat of paint. 

Truly hope you are all managing to muddle through this rather emotional time without too much pain.

Blessings, J. x


  1. Good to see a post and know you are OK.

  2. Hello Jackie! It's good to hear from you. As you know I can understand how other things can take over from time to time.
    I'm relieved the paint incident wasn't too serious. I often get mine trapped in the car door! Congratulations to your son and future daughter-in-law. Xx

    1. Long hair can be a pain sometimes though I don't want it short at the moment. The months are racing by at an alarming rate...much faster than my legs can keep up. Hoping to see the expectant couple at the weekend for a good catch up. x