Saturday, 1 September 2018


Do you ever long to walk past houses in the dim light of dusk
And just sneak a passing glimpse of other lives
Through undrawn curtains
I especially love to see houses in their festive finery
Don't get me wrong
I never stare in through windows
But if you're driving or walking by you cannot help but catch feint images
A lamp in a window
A vase of flowers
A lit festive tree
For me these are so much nicer than the sometimes overdone decorating with all the flashing of lights
My husband however adores all the flashing of lights
I am much more of a gentle twinkle person.
So why am I even allowing these thoughts to enter my head on such a day as today...
Well it's the first day of September
The year is rolling quickly down it's Autumunal hill now
Thoughts of hunkering down during the darker months have risen to the surface of my mind.
There are jars of chutney sitting on a shelf in our pantry cupboard
There are bags of sliced beans waiting in the freezer
Either for the next batches of chutney or to eat as a vegetable when the plants have succumbed to the cold and wind and have stopped producing

The most giant sunflower we have is standing at over 13' tall
It is in truth more like a tree

I kid you not!

It currently has one open flower

The much more usual sized vegetables and the feisty three legged cat who is in temporary residence.

I will leave you to dream of oversized sunflowers and feisty three legged felines!

Blessings J. x


  1. I used to love travelling home from work on the bus in the dark and peeking into the windows of the houses and cottages along the you especially at Christmas.
    Christmas is now on my mind and the thoughts of Winter cooking whirring gently round my brain.

    1. I'm hopeful of at least a little Autumn before Winter sinks her teeth into us! x

  2. I know what you mean about espying lot up windows especially autumn time as folk are not yet used to closing curtains and the lights glow invitingly into the early evening gloom. I am avoiding thoughts of winter months, chrimbly and grey days as they do dampen my mood somewhat. X

    1. That's what the twinkly lights are there brighten up our souls. x

  3. You write so beautifully and as I was reading I saw lovely, cozy images in my mind. I certainly don't dread everything about winter. Here in a small town in upstate NY we get lots of snow and I do dread dealing with that. But winter certainly does have its charms!

    1. Thank you Sue...I sometimes even catch myself looking through our own window and that looks cozy! In truth I love all of our seasons...I just don't like it when one tries to take over another's time to reign. x

  4. We like to see who has put there Christmas tree up as we drive by houses in the evening. My next door neighbour puts theirs up right after Halloween!!! Way too early!

    1. I expect it is a fake I can do fake flowers...fake garlands...fake greenery...but sadly not a fake tree!! x

  5. I know what you's the one time of year you can sneak a peek without getting into trouble!

  6. I know its a bit cheeky as I haven't ever commented before but could I just say that I find it very hard to read the text on your blog with the black against the dark green background. I don't know how I came to find your blog but I think I followed a link from your previous blog perhaps? Anyway I just thought I'd mention it. All best wishes for your new blog.

    1. That is perfectly alright! I already have it on my list of to do's...agreeing that the background colour is too dark! I am just waiting for the opportunity as I need to alter it on my laptop not iPad as for some strange reason the option to save any changes vanishes when choosing backgrounds! It will become a much more muted traditional shade...I hope it will meet with your approval!! x

    2. I love it now. Much easier to read - I don't feel nearly as old now lol. Thankyou! x