Friday, 29 March 2019

Just Being

I should love to tell you of all my achievements since last I wrote in this space...the truth is though that apart from daily living and working I haven't done much at all.
I've now quit my assessing job, but immediately so it seemed jumped at the chance of some extra hours at the care home. Will I never learn!
Life on the whole has been pretty good. I did manage to wax the beam on the bathroom ceiling,  making rather a mess of the ceiling paint due to the angles and having to rub with a rag. This will have to be rectified before I re-paint the ceiling. The men installed an extractor fan in our bathroom, and have separated off the spotlights from the main in your face light which now comes on with the extractor fan.
Youngest and her caveman are still here, though painting is being done at their house so hopefully within the next few weeks we shall see them move back home to theirs...finally!
This is what I believe I am waiting for, though I shall miss them I will love having our space back and the ability hopefully to get on with something when I'm home.
My baking mojo seems to have returned. Sponges of the chocolate and coffee and walnut varieties  have been lovingly prepared, baked then devoured by what I'm sure must have been at least a small plague of locusts.
Somehow I have landed up working tomorrow and Sunday, both days from 2-8:30pm. Not amazing on Mothering Sunday, but on the other hand it's weekend rate which is a little bit extra and everyone will be at the youngsters' house anyway. Freestanding taps don't come cheaply either!
Our fire is roaring away in a most comforting manner. The mist rolled in earlier this afternoon and my goodness did it become chilly with it. Hubby has been suffering for the past week with what I originally thought was a cold, however I now think he may have hay fever so have bought some appropriate medication. He's currently zonked out on our bed, having returned home twice throughout the day.
Heidi is beginning to show her age. She keeps wetting herself. Not as in a great puddle, but when she's asleep so it gets all over her and then she drips all over the place. She does have a couple of washable nappies, but even the largest size is rather tight on her ample frame. Bless her, she is currently snoring on the kitchen floor. Happy after a woodland walk earlier with Grand dog Bea.
I spent last weekend up with Sonshine. I went up with eldest and grandson whilst all the rest of the gang spent another weekend at the house of renovation! It made a nice change, it's just a shame it's such a long journey. Bless Henry, he gave us what for when we encountered delays between the M5 and M6! 
I have spent my evenings...well the small amount of evening afforded to leisure after work and eating, reading. I take myself off to bed rather early to read for a while before sleep. I can honestly say that I have not sat down to watch a single television programme in absolutely ages. But yes I have read, I've read about permaculture, of bygone days, classics, renovations, gardening. Strangely for me though I have not caught up on the blogs that I usually do, though I plan to have a mega catch up as a sort of treat shortly!
Oh, another thing I have been puzzling over is our household budget. Can we make any cuts. What should we spend more on, or at least more time on. It dawned on me whilst taking a weeks holiday at the beginning of the month that for a long time I was looking to see how much I could work. Something changed deep within me during that week and I now look at how much I need to work to achieve my goals. I had spent most of the week playing catchup with our business paperwork and ended up working a couple of hours on the Saturday and the Sunday afternoon to cover shortages at the care home.
A young Henry watched the six nations from his swing which is hooked to one of our living room beams when fact the whole family watched the final weekend of rugby...all apart from was my holiday, yet I was working. 
Well our tea is not magically going to prepare itself, though it's going to be a very lazy offering of battered fish fingers, tinned potatoes, which I shall fry, and some peas. Just right for a chilly Friday evening in the season called Spring which can never quite make it's mind up what to do weather wise.
Blessings, J. x


  1. It's good to hear from you. I'm glad life feels pretty good - and I hope you're having a day off work today after the weekend. x

    1. Thank you Mrs. Tiggywinkle. Indeed I should love to be having a day off today, but alas no today and tomorrow are business as usual, though hopefully not the extra hour and a half evening tag on which has nearly broken me if I do say so myself! x

  2. So lovely to see a post from you today and catch up with you.
    I hope you had a good weekend up here last weekend.
    Poor Heidi...give her a cuddle from me.

    1. Oh Sheila...apologies for the delay in me replying...I did indeed have a lovely weekend up North. Heidi is holding her own...eating like a horse too! xx