Tuesday, 13 April 2021

This and That

So it is nearly 8pm and I have literally just collapsed onto our sofa. The fire is lit and Wilbur is purring along contentedly on the back of the sofa right by me. Hubby is our with son-in-law and youngests' caveman logging. Hopefully it won't be too long before they return home.

Later I know the Yorkshire Shepherdess and her family are returning to the television screen. I won't be putting on the TV until then. It has been a beautiful day here, though it began with a frost and there is the ever present nip on the edge of any wind that blows.

I seem to have been doing things all day, however looking about the place I cannot for the life of me think what I have done so much of really. I walked the lanes to a friends house this morning and sat chatting in the sunshine. I had young Henry for a while first thing whilst daughter did the shopping with just the one child. The kittens had some time out this afternoon venturing around inside our fruit cage area. They are indoor cats because of the road by us however I would like them to feel the sun on their backs, the wind in their whiskers and know how it feels to chase flies and such. I think they were able to do all those things this afternoon.

Last week I had a real down day...my back really hurt...well everything hurt. I was in Tesco getting freeze spray, Ibuprofen and a few groceries when I happened to notice the vitamin section. I bought myself some Seven Seas joint care max. Basically you have to down two what can only be described as horse sized tablets each day. One full of fish oil with collagen and omega, and one with glucosamine sulphate. Now I don't want to tempt fate or anything, but I feel really somewhat different since beginning to take them. I have what I can only describe as hope...I still take the Gabapentin and pain relief. My back hurts most of the time...my toes snack at the end of the day and sometimes my hands hurt...but I have been doing so much more. Things like peeling veg. At my worst I couldn't peel potatoes, in fact the night I gave up and decided we'd have toasted sandwiches for tea I had to ask hubby to cut the bread as it just hurt too much.

Our build is due to start next Monday. I have ordered the first load of blocks, sand, cement, and membrane. I have paid the building control fees and can't wait to be able to start thinking about the pretty things! I could be waiting a while yet though. 

Anyway though the nights are drawing out this night is beginning to pull in and I am grateful for the light on my computer. I shall leave you with a few snaps of happiness.

Blessings, J. x


  1. The floof balls do look very content.
    I'm glad the supplements are helping. I think Turmeric is also supposed to help alleviate inflammation.
    It's exciting that your build is about to commence but please be sure to keep resting amongst the chaos. X

  2. I'm glad the horse tablets are providing some relief, dealing with pain all the time is exhausting and you need lots of energy for working, building and grandchildren. Exciting times ahead! x