Monday, 10 May 2021

Just A Little Bit

Jaded...there I said it...that is precicely how I feel today. Tired and washed out. Heavy showers are preventing me from getting the laundry dry outside, an extra workshift on Saturday has left me worn out and I got myself an injury from one of the clients as a special bonus. Gee thanks. I normally love my job, but right now I really don't. Having serious considerations into a career move or at least a career side-step. Whether it's the tiredness making me feel this way I don't know but I hope it leaves pretty darn soon.

Knowing there is bread to bake, cakes to make and shopping to fetch plus the end of year accounts to do some more of is not making for an appealing day so far. I have managed to order some supplies for the build but energy is clearly lacking even after a lovely cup of coffee earlier.

Maybe some good music would help...if I can even be bothered to put some on. Horizontal could be the position for the afternoon quite easily. 

Now I know you really don't want to read any more of my woes...I'll leave you with memories of a better day...

Well if the video works enjoy...
Blessings J. x


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to read of your work injury. Perhaps now is a good time to evaluate and possibly make some changes. In the meantime I hope you have opportunity to keep getting out on those better days. Xx

    1. Thank you Jules...yes I have been considering options...and this morning the sky is looking brighter, though this afternoon I believe we're in for a real soaking again. x