Thursday, 12 September 2019

Not getting everything done

As my week off is nearing its close in the not too distant future I thought maybe I should reckon on how productive I've been. I had such grand make curtains for our patio doors that are situated near the table. I was going to pick bowls of blackberries, rose hips, and haws. Well it is past dusk on Thursday evening and not one pin has been placed and not one berry picked! The rain has prevented berry picking and I have kept busy enough without starting sewing.
So what have I accomplished so far this week. Well our business inputs and outputs are bang up to date. I've looked after young Henry on more that one occasion. I've this afternoon defrosted both freezers and made an inventory of their contents! Almost succumbed to frost bite doing them but a job well done. I've collected several pocketfuls of hazelnuts whilst out walking with Heidi. Washing is nearing a reasonable level. I've baked bread, made sausage rolls, rock cakes and cream slices. The household budget has been updated and adjusted for the season. Our mortgage introductory rate is nearing it's close and I've sorted out the next deal. I've caught up with a good friend. I've even uploaded a few recent photos so they can be shared. Here are a couple of the patio garden, some birthday flowers and of course, Arthur.

Until next time,
Blessings, J. x


  1. It sounds like you have achieved loads on your week off but wouldn't it be nice if just for once we could have a list with everything ticked off and know that time was ours to do with as we like. An impossible
    Your garden is looking lovely. We've had army's of slugs this year and they ate my Hydrangea and other favourite plants so it hasn't looked as nice.
    Hello you are a cutie and such a gorgeous colour.

  2. I hate to own up to this...but we get slugs in our kitchen in the dead of night...yuck...we don't know how they are getting in...some are sooo huge. Strangely they have left my hydrangea well alone! x