Thursday, 31 January 2019

The Way Forward

So finally I have done it
I sent an email of resignation to my assessing boss last evening
I just can't do it all
Relief...the relief has been enormous
I was hanging on out of supposed obligation
Rather than wanting to do the job
Endless travelling
And no show learners
Take some sticking
So now I will just be doing my shifts at the care home
3 1/2 per week
Plus I am taking on providing some of the mandatory training
I will be busy enough
And a small boy has rather caught my eye of late
Henry time is definitely going to be on the agenda!
Play my cards right and I shall have 2 days off in the week
Though I still have our paperwork to contend with
But even so
No racing to get somewhere
I have purchased some glass tubs with lids
So I can freeze ahead meals
When youngest and her caveman
Move back to their house
Hubby is going to have to sort out the tea
At least three nights per week
Shock horror
So I figured the best thing to do
Would be cook ahead and freeze
Thaw out on the day required
Let hubby pop into Aga
And voila
He's cooked tea for us!!
Another day has passed
I am currently at work
There is snow lying and more forecast
All the school buses are stopping at 1pm
I am hoping to get home when I leave here at 7pm
Take care out there
Blessings J. x


  1. It sounds as if you've done the right thing for you in resigning, Jackie. The endless travelling, especially at this time of year, is something you can do without.
    And if it allows for more time with a certain small boy, then so much the better.
    I hope you and your family are all well. Safe journey home. X

    1. Thank you Jules...I made it home and so glad I was too...I felt like one of those ice road truckers! Yes it is such a relief to have set a date to can resume! xx

  2. If the relief of handing in the letter of resignation is so palpable then it was right to do. Here is to a new rhythm to your week where you have time with your family and feel less stressed xx

    1. Thank you...I am actually thinking about being able to tackle some decorating...Henry smiled so much when I ‘told’ him yesterday I would have more time to spend with him...he must have known! xx

  3. It sound like you have made a good choice. Enjoy the extra time at home and with your new grandson, they grow so quickly

  4. It sounds like you have made the right decision.

    1. I believe I has completely taken over my life for too long...time to take back control! xx

  5. So happy for you Jackie. You made the right decision for you.
    Hugs for your future happiness-x-

    1. Thank you Sheila...I know it is the right very right actually! xx

  6. Congratulations on taking back control, as you said above. It sounds like you knew what you needed to do, for both you and your family, and you did it. Enjoy your sweet Henry!

    1. All the feelings of guilt for my learners if I quit that sat on my shoulders have magically’s a wonderful feeling! Look out I come! xx

  7. Good for you for taking the final step and making the decision that you knew was right for you. I once had a job that had me driving all over the city and another one where I had to cover the complete southern part of our province-very tiring!! It's -13C here at the moment and constant snow since last night. It's supposed to get much colder for the next 4 days, -28C. Don't think we'll be going any where!!

    1. Goodness...that is mighty cold...hope you have a lovely warm fire burning. x

  8. Well done on taking control. In the past I have been notoriously rubbish in giving up things which were bad for me, for all sorts of guilt-ridden reasons, but that doesn't mean that I know what I should have done! Henry time will be lovely - I look after my grandson one day a week and it's glorious. x

    1. Just have to make it to the end of the month...lots of sorting through folders to do...then hopefully bliss. xx