Monday, 1 October 2018

A Long Week Past

How I have just chuckled to myself
I have been meaning to sit and blog for some days now
But how time flies when you're having fun working!
It isn't the actual work that leaves me so drained
Rather the endless miles I have to travel
Ah well the bills get paid
And that is rather important

Young Henry has been visited
Accommodated (with his parents)
He has been given many cuddles
If only I could hold him in my arms forever
Telling him of all the fun we will have
And all the capers he is likely to get up to
Over at Grandma and Grumps' house!

He is growing already and I feel a little sad
That one day too soon he won't be content 
To lie in his Grandmas' arms
But for now he is and I am relishing this magical time

Now you'll have to excuse me I'm afraid
For upon making this blog
Blogsy became no longer available to me
And I am having to learn over on Blogger
Getting photos to where they are available to upload
Is not proving an easy task at the moment
Sometimes it seems as though they appear as if by magic
But mostly they refuse to waft through the air
And stay resolutely where they originated
I know our broadband is all but useless at the moment
Which is rather frustrating to say the least
And so my meagre offerings to you today 
A young Ashmead's Kernel apple tree harvest

And some rather scrumptious apple and cinnamon cakes
Warm from the Aga oven

I hope you will all forgive me
But these past few days I have been relaxing
By reading a blog from the beginning
A most enjoyable time I have had too...
Tales From Parsonage Cottage...
I am nearly caught up now
And feel I could quite happily pop in for a cup of tea
In their delightful home 
So all the blogs I usually delve into on a regular basis
Will be eagerly caught up with shortly!

Feisty cat is not happy
He is confined to the cottage
As the other day he nearly got run over by a speeding car
Why he felt the need to go out the front
And across the main road I cannot understand
We have a large rear garden
Which backs onto farmland
Plenty of hunting opportunity
And much much safer
Silly Feisty cat!

I have begun lighting the woodturner
To ward off the evenings' chill
It has the effect of making me sleepy
And that feeling of utter contentment
The lights are dimmed
Shoes off

I fear I have missed the blackberry harvest
The local berries seemed to come in waves this year
The first flush being dry due to lack of moisture
Then nothing
Followed by fruits which when trying to pick them
Squished between fingers
But refused to part with the bramble
Not a pleasant feeling
There will not be copious amounts of 
Hedgerow cordial made this year

I have begun collecting rose hips
I adore the syrup which is such a chore to make
But worth it
Served with chilled lemonade
A real Winter treat
But again I need to forage for many more hips
To make a batch worthwhile of the effort

I have just popped the kettle on
A final cup of tea
Before a lengthy drive to the edge of the County
I have a couple of people to see
Before winding my way back home again
A place to feel Happy
To be at One with Oneself
To feel Motherly in that you want to take care of it and the people who visit
And Evermore
You'd be content to live there for Evermore
Yes...that's my definition of HOME!

How lucky I am
I hope it will not be too long before time and enthusiasm coincide 
And I am able to write in this space again

Blessings J. x


  1. How blissful to have a new baby to cuddle. I bet he will never tire of his Grandma's cuddles. Ruby eight...likes to sit on my knee and squidge although we do now need the support of the sofa as she is so

    The heating has been on here for a short while in the mornings and evenings and as we don't have a wood burner a little comforting glow has been added with some candles. I do so love the Autumn and Winter.

    Travelling for work is the absolute pits and I don't envy you one little bit. Stay safe on those roads. We are already scraping car windscreens in a morning.

    Love and Hugs-x-

    1. I do hope you're right has been frosty here a few mornings and where I went today is at the edge of can be a desolate place indeed! x

  2. Those cakes look delicious, but I'd still swap one for baby snuggles. Make the most of every second. Blog posting will always wait. X

    1. I managed to call in on the way home from work to grab a few precious moments with Henry this his Mum a few minutes peace into the was lovely. x

  3. I've been reading for a while (but too shy to comment before now. Many congratulations to all on the birth of Henry, I do hope all are doing well. I became a grandmother almost a year ago and my world seems to have altered almost entirely. There is so much love. I do love your words about "home". I don't feel like that, but I would so like to. x

    1. Welcome Mrs. Tiggywinkle...yes young Henry appears to be doing well. I have not always felt about where I have lived that way either...but I love this little cottage with its wonky walls and odd damp has a story to tell of a dark evening...with dim lighting and shadows! x

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