Tuesday, 30 October 2018

A Definite Chill

Sunday afternoon I smelt an old familiar smell
The smell of cold
Almost of Christmas
Well I associate the cold with Winter and as such Christmas
It came to me as the roast was in the Aga
The cottage was beautifully warm
And I went outside to put some recycling in the bin
Today I have just come in with some damp washing
Retrieved from the line
And I was transported back to my parents' kitchen
The smell of washing drying around the Rayburn
The light fading fast
And a nip on my fingers and nose
Smells can set a scene in your mind
Equally well as a thousand words
I love these smell induced memories
Which transport me back to my childhood
And a feeling of being safe
Though all was dark and cold outside
Inside there was food, warmth, and love
Tonight I hope my family feel that feeling as they step through the door
Of feeling like they've come home
To a very special place
Even though our boiler is not working
And a shower is out of the question
We will manage
Though working form home today I have turned up the Aga
Lit the woodburner
And had my feet on a hot water bottle
It has been rather a cold day
With the promise of another chilly night to come
I wonder what the coming Winter will have in store for us
And will we be prepared?
Blessings J. x


  1. You paint a lovely picture of your cosy home Jackie. Any chance of an extra place setting at your table? 😉

  2. I too find that smells can trigger memories in an instant, often ones that have been buried, seemingly forgotten, for years. I know what you mean, for example, about 'the smell of cold'. For me, smelling the cold brings so many evocative fragments of past memories flooding back, far more powerfully than say describing it in words can. Like you, I love how smells can capture memories; the sense of smell is an undervalued sense, I often think.

    1. Yes...and a good point to remember whilst working with dementia patients x

  3. What delightful 'word pictures', you paint!!! Yes, smells can bring back memories. And what a joy, that is.


    1. It is such a special personal experience and so unique to the individual x

  4. Just discovered your blog and I love it. I live in the SW part of the State of Colorado - US. We look west to mountains (Pikes Peak/Colorado Springs and the Wet Mountains) and north, east and south to flat farm land. The past few winters really haven't been wintery enough for me! I love the smell of cold air - sort of metallic and clean. I've noticed since moving to my partner's family farm that my sense of smell is heightened! I can smell the crops, the burning of weeds, cattle (okay - not so nice up close but not unpleasant from a distance), different flowers and plants. The air is really clean here - lots of wind as well. I love to see my little rescue Doxie, Cara, go out first thing in the morning. She lifts her nose in all directions, and closes her eyes, just taking it all in as she assesses the morning. I swear she is smiling! Mary

    1. Welcome Mary! Cows...the smell of my childhood...lovely! x