Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Keep Calm and Clean Up

It's official
I have a man-child
He likes to help people
Other people
Nothing is too much trouble
In fact his mind is a whirl
Bits of this, bits of that
So sometimes
Just sometimes
He can forget important little details
That affect us quite dramatically
Take Friday evening as the example
Actually it was just about Saturday morning
I drove us home from our regular evening out at the local
It is rather a tight turn and I didn't want to hit his van
So I asked him to check that I would miss it
He looked and said yes it's ok
Then I was unsure how close to the porch my side I was
He said he'd get out and see me in
Job done
Fast forward through a very inclement night
Wind and rain dominated proceedings
He came home to breakfast just as I was leaving 
To go to the vet and do some shopping
I got in my car
Very wet...as in flooded
Water everywhere
Wet seats
Sopping wet floor 
Wet in the cup holders
Down the passenger door
Now I couldn't understand where it had come from
I banged on our front door and urged him to come quick
He took his time
Oh yeah...I undid my window last night
And you didn't do it up!
Obviously he had noticed when leaving earlier that morning
Closed said window
And hoped I wouldn't notice???
I was rather wanting to kill him dismayed at the mess
That I apparently was to blame for
And obviously I was to clean up
Luckily for him I had to leave right away to catch the vet
My revenge
I purchased seeded bread
I love it
He hates it
Thankfully he didn't pass one comment on said bread
He lives still
I calmed down when young Henry came to visit later in the afternoon
Actually they all came to lunch
But I calmed down later
With cuddles
And ooohhhs
And the cute little bleating noises he makes in his sleep
Yes Grandma is smitten

Blessings J. x


  1. Lovely picture of sleeping baby Henry.
    My youngest grandchild is 6 months old today, sitting up ,looking at everything, taking notice - they grow so quickly. Middle grandchild was 2 last week and now gets excited at Nanna visiting - I love it.

    1. Goodness Sue...wherever has that six months gone to in such a hurry? And two...good grief! I don't want to waste a moment of our time together. x

  2. Oh flip! I hope it's all dried out now. And I do like your subtle act of revenge. X

    1. Heating is set to 30 degrees in the car! I sit on a towel to drive anywhere. There is a feint whiff of damp and I have left two de-humidifier things in there. Seeded bread...the way to let a man know who's really the boss!! x

  3. OMG.....I'm not surprised you bought the seeded bread. My revenge would probably not have been quite so subtle. You are a very classy lady.....lol.

    Oh look at little Henry. Isn't he just beautiful?
    It makes me wish we could have another grand baby.

    1. Believe me I felt like doing so much more than buying seeded bread! However it would only have had me upset for nothing that could be changed. The damage was done. Oh and I haven't said if I slipped any extras into the seeded bread!! Only joking Sheila. Yes Henry is a real beaut. I just can't stop looking at him when I'm with him. Such a waste of time!! x