Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A Minutes Peace

Just for the minute
Peace reigns at Little Winter
Heidi is asleep on the kitchen floor
Youngest who also has a day off
Has gone to check on their builders
They managed to leave on the outside tap yesterday
And completely drained the tanks
And water supply from the bore hole
They were not popular late yesterday evening
And in part are to blame for the inclement mood
of my youngest child

I have succeeded in making rather a lovely looking
Apple, cinnamon and sultana strudel 
I say it looks lovely
I cannot yet vouch for the taste
But what I can say is I regret very much
Sliding the tray in on an angle
After turning the strudel around
I now have a really burnt sugar and butter smell
Emanating into the room
And a very big sticky mess in the oven
Thank goodness it will burn off
Well I have half heartedly scraped away the worst
And am consoling myself with a cup of tea 
Which was here on the page but a mere moment ago
Blogger really doesn't seem to like my iPad

Cup of tea come back!

Alas upsizing this cup of tea seems impossible 
Never mind
Blessings J. x


  1. Oooooh my mouth is watering just looking at your lovely apple, cinnamon and sultana slice and I bet it tasted every bit as good as it looks.

    What a stupid thing for the builders to do.

    1. Certainly well worth the calories! That’s builders for you. x