Thursday, 18 October 2018


Ah the beauty of the changing seasons
The catching of colds, and flu
And laryngitis
Yep and it's mighty hurty indeed
Last night I came downstairs 
In search of some pain relief
I was conscious of whimpering
Wishing I had a "Mummy"
To look after me as my own once had
Many many moons ago
Now although I cancelled my learners today
And have cancelled tomorrows meetings
I have still had to do a certain amount of chores
And keep roofers well fed and watered
For today was the day our front roof was removed
They worked well
Me not so
And sadly I didn't brave the ladder
Feeling decidedly wobbly 
Before the felt enclosed the roof once more
So chance gone
I did venture out on a short dog walk this afternoon
Just a little trek down the road
But not as far as the woodland
I had done so yesterday
And really struggled to catch my breath coming back up the hill
Hopefully tonight will bring a better nights sleep
For my addled brain
And creaking complaining body
I have just lit the fire
A gentle beast tonight as it's not terribly cold
Just a comfort for the evening ahead
A focal point
Ever changing dancing flames
Memories and memories even before us
In this little cottage
I love the sounds of a comforting fire
I love gazing into the depths 
Of glowing embers
I love the smell of woodsmoke
Of fingers tainted after tending the fire
It calms me and soothes troubles
It is company if I am alone
It provides warmth and light
I sit here and await my husband
Who has gone to our youngest's house
To spray the roof timbers with woodwormer
Youngest's caveman who is helping a friend take out a kitchen
And youngest who is working until a little later on
I can't think they would want to spend much time
Listening to me coughing, spluttering and moaning
Perhaps that is why they are all occupied?
I care not
It is what it is
However I wouldn't wish this virus on anyone
Strangely, though wooly headed I don't feel overly tired
Then I could sleep it off
Maybe I shall do so anyway
I think I have worked out
Why I have taken to writing as I do
With not a care for punctuation
In my work, though not assessing functional skills
I must correct every spelling and grammar mistake
In some cases this is demoralising for the student
They are not after all studying for an English degree
So OFSTED, this is a pulling a funny face
In your direction
And finally

A little something that was growing on a tree
Down in the woods a short while ago
Blessings J. x


  1. I hope you're soon feeling better Jackie. It sounds like a hot toddy could be the order of the day. It would be perfect to enjoy in front of the lit fire. X

    1. Just maybe I will partake a little later on thank you Jules. x

  2. I'd send you a spoonful of elderberry syrup and cider vinegar if I could! Both turned out OK and are supposed to be good remedies for colds.

    1. Thank you Sue...I have some hedgerow cordial that has been slipping down rather nicely! x

  3. So sorry to see you are feeling so awful. Good that you can take a couple of days off work. Lovely fire, blanket, good book and a hot drink sound like the order of the day. Get better soon.

    1. Thank you Janice...I did manage to get some work done from home...but not today...the cold part is coming out so indeed a blanket, book and a fire later on x

  4. Get well soon. I often say when I'm ill, I need a wife rather than a husband! Most wives have intuition and know when to bring a cup of tea without being asked, or ask if you need another blanket without being asked etc. My husband is lovely and is very kind, but he's not intuitive and it would be so nice sometimes not to have to ask! Mums and wives, you can't beat them when you're ill! x

    1. Thank you...I think my husband gets worried when I’m ill...that he won’t be looked after...He is certainly no nurse! x

  5. I don't know how I missed this post Jackie but I do hope you are much better now than you sound.
    Love and Hugs-x-

    1. Don’t fret Sheila! I’m heading in the right direction....but a nasty beastly virus it has been...I fear a dry cough may be with me in the weeks to come. x

  6. Apologies! I missed this post, too. I hope the dry cough is gone in a trice and your energy levels are restored - but, just in case, perhaps I should consult my old recipe books for a magic cure. No doubt it would require laudanum!x

    1. Darn cough is still here! But I think I’ll stick to mints for now. x

  7. Hope you're feeling better now. I'm always late to the party on your blog because I can't for the life of me work out how to become a follower.

    1. Party...I’ve missed the party if there was one...I go on to blog address and copy and paste it into where you add to your reading list! x

  8. I commiserate with you on not feeling well... I've just got over a nasty head cold, and I can imagine how under the weather you've been feeling, particularly having your roof replaced on top - that must have made it twice as hard. Keep warm, near your fire, and take it easy.

    1. Thank you my dear...yes it was a nasty old thing and has lingered far longer than I should have liked. x